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• Begin sitting with the sit-bones on the front edge of a firm cushion or folded blanket. The hips need to be raised four to six inches.
• Cross your legs inwards starting with your left leg in initially and then your right leg.
• Permit the knees to different, crossing your shins and sliding your feet under your contrary knee.
• Maintain a comfortable space in between your feet and your hips.
• Rest your palms on your knees. Begin to find balance over your hips.
• Come lightly forward onto your sit-bones preventing the body from leaning back and rounding the spine. Keep the bottom front ribs a little drew down as your sit-bones begin to reach down into the cushion. Discover the feeling of neither arching forward or leaning back, however merely stabilizing the spine over your hips.
• Feel your thighs roll outwards and your knees move down towards the ground. Then, inhale and lift up with your spinal column through the top of your head.
• Exhale and relax your shoulders. Broaden the chest and collar bones without ending up being tough in between the shoulder blades.
• Relax and close the eyes. Very a little, you can lower the chin without exceedingly tilting your head forward. Unwind your facial muscles, your jaw, and the nostrils. Allow the tip of your tongue to touch the roofing of your mouth at the back of the front teeth.
• Breath gradually through your nostrils for as long as it’s comfortable seeing the rhythm of the breath.
• Maintain the sensation of grounding through the sitbones and hips as the spine lifts lighter.
• To exit, correct your legs forward and give them a shake. Repeat crossing the legs the opposite way.
Benefits of Easy Pose or Sukhasana
• Open your hips.
• Lengthens your spine.
• Advertises groundedness and inner calm.
• Amplifies the state of serenity, harmony, and removes stress and anxiety.
• Relieves physical and psychological fatigue and tiredness.