Plank poses get the name because your body stretches straight.

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Hold the plank posture for any length of time and your body might begin to shake. This indicates you’re building your stomach muscles. In yoga, there are 3 different plank presents. There’s one that appears like the top of a pushup, an additional where your front body faces upward and side plank, where you balance on one hand and face either your right or left side. All three help develop your core and arm muscles. If you’ve wrist problems, take it gradually.

Plank Pose

Called Phalankasana in Sanskrit, plank present enhances your core. From downward-facing dog, inhale and bring your shoulders directly over your hands. Press your hands firmly into the ground and reach your heels back. Draw your navel up towards your spine, and raise your pelvis and inner thighs. Breathe into your lower back, and don’t let your body sag.

Hold this pose for a couple of breaths, then breathe out back to downward-facing pet. Do this a few times to construct your abdominal muscles.

For an additionaled challenge, lift one leg so it’s parallel to the floor. Lengthen your whole body by extending from your abdominal areas both to your raised heel and to the top of your head.

If you’re in your 2nd or third trimester of pregnancy, bring your knees to the floor.

Upward Plank Pose

Upward plank pose, or purvottanasana, opens your shoulders and chest, stretches your hamstrings and enhances your arms and legs.

Sitting with your feet straight out in front of you in personnel pose, place your hands on the floor a little behind your hips with your fingers facing forward. Flex your knees and put your feet on the floor. As you exhale, raise your hips so your spine is parallel to the floor. Keeping your hips raised, straighten each leg.

Side Plank Pose

Side plank pose, or vasisthasana, named for an ancient sage, is a one-hand balance that enhances your posture and enhances your abdominal areas, lower back, arms and wrists. From downward-facing canine, roll onto the outside of your right foot and place your left hand on your waist as you turn your whole body to face your left. Stack your left foot on top of your right or, as an adjustment, put it in front of your right foot. Keep your hips raised and extend your left arm towards the ceiling. Repeat on your other side.

Side Plank Variations

To establish stability and balance, practice tree pose while holding vasisthasana by bending the knee of your upper leg and pressing your foot on the inside of your lower leg’s thigh or shin. For the hip-opening, hamstring-stretching complete variation of vasisthasana, hook your index and middle fingers onto your big toe. Inhale and extend your leg straight up toward the ceiling. Seek out towards the raised foot.