Wrtten by Peter Fink.

The Reincarnation Experiments, a stunning television documentary where four homemakers from Sydney, Australia, provided aspects of previous lives under hypnosis and then validated the evidence – in front of TV cams and independent witnesses – by taking a trip thousands of miles to the scenes of these bygone lives, was screened prior to the Australian public in March, 1983. Even atheistic viewers were urged to admit that reincarnation appeared to be the only logical description for these exceptional journeys through time which followed hypnotic regression carried out by Hypnotherapist Peter Ramster. Fisher (1984:978).

After reading Fisher’s quote, we may question how we get to experience a previous life regression session.

therapeutic hypnotism

In hypnosis, we bypass the crucial aware mind and get in the subconscious to open the door to old memories. The trance is an altered frame of mind which we immediately get in many times every day. Enjoying TV or driving an automobile is very much like a hypnotic trance because we focus our attention and permit the subconscious mind to open. How many times have we driven from A to B to come to B without actually understanding how we arrived? We put ourselves in a hypnotic trance to shut the outside world and all its noise out. Athletes call it being in the ‘zone’.

What’s it that takes place in our brain to permit the mindful, analytical part of our mind to wander apart and enable the previous live memories of our subconscious to emerge? Our mind operates on various brain wave frequencies all day long moving in between the conscious and subconscious state. The conscious state, called the Beta state, functions with a brain wave frequency of fourteen cycles per second and greater with about about 22 cycles per 2nd for a lot of activities. When we allow our brain waves to reduce by turning in, by concentrating our attention or by daydreaming, we get in the Alpha state, also called the hypnotic state.

All people go into a hypnotic trance a minimum of 10 times a day by wandering into the Alpha state, which runs with a brain wave frequency of 7 to 14 cycles per second. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) begins at 10 cycles per 2nd and enables us to dream in the evening. The subconscious mind surfaces and communicates with our conscious mind using its own language, the dreams, to examine daily events. Decreasing further, the mind goes into the Theta state.

The Theta variety of brain activity is approximately 4 to seven cycles per second. This is thought about to be the psychic variety of the mind and the location where psychic experiences happen. Delta has a frequency variety of no to four about cycles per second. This is the variety of complete unconsciousness. (William W. Hewitt 1996).

It’s in this state of deep hypnosis that we’ve the ability to open doors that have actually been closed. If we don’t lug any blocks or worries, we can use subconscious memories of other times and other places.

Over the years, I’ve performed lots of previous live regression sessions. Despite the fact that my role as a facilitator is to lead through the sessions, I never ever provide any direction or suggestions, and my clients follow their own natural path. Their past life journey is their own experience and my responsibility is to make sure that they feel safe and protected at all times.

Some customers slip into previous lives without knowingly choosing to. They pertain to see me for various reasons, not thinking in reincarnation and ‘mistakenly’ take the trip to previous lives to subconsciously solve or deal with problems that have actually been developed prior to this live, but transported into it. As soon as they find the reason for their issue, they’re most often able to solve it rather rapidly.

We’re thought to have between 200 and 600 previous lives. Our subconscious permits us to keep in mind those lives that offer us with the knowledge and expertise that we’re all set for at the time of the session. The experience itself feels like a day dream that we consciously see, feel and hear in a state of complete awareness. The wonderful part is that we almost always keep in mind the entire session and can drawn from it whatever we require in the years to come. All sessions that I’ve actually ever experienced personally stay in my mind and help me to comprehend difficult circumstances in all elements of my life.

The sessions begin with a peaceful relaxation induction which permits everyone to slowly go into a hypnotic trance. When the subconscious mind has opened up in the Alpha state, it’s able to supply useful information that permits the recall of previous live memories. In a previous life regression, the state of awareness isn’t the like in a typical hypnosis session.

Winafred Lucas states that people’s brain waves alter when they’re in a past life regression, and they’re various from the brain waves of other mindset we know of (typical wakefulness, sleep, dreaming, hypnosis alone), Lucas (1996, Internet post).

The recall begins by seeing, sensing or feeling yourself standing someplace unfamiliar in a various environment, time and location. Some memories are clear, dazzling and in-depth, some are unclear and more like imaginations. It doesn’t really matter how one perceives the info. It’s very important to allow the subconscious to convey the knowledge and expertise that’s required at the time of the session.

After experiencing a couple of occasions in that life and getting information, such as names, addresses and dates, the session causes the end of that life and the death experience. In my viewpoint, the fatality experience is the most remarkable part of the session due to the fact that it feels liberating, exciting and absolutely peaceful. No matter what the situations of the fatality experience are, the minute the soul leaves the body is incredible. One seems like broadening into the Universe, ending up being free and endless once again. All worries, discomfort and egocentric feelings are gone, and one reunites with the Universal Awareness. It seems like floating, wandering, flying high like an eagle.

The essence of the session starts during that state of floating, feeling weightless and being gotten in touch with Oneself. Despite the fact that the client is in a deep state of hypnosis, he or she’s the ability to communicate and talk. It seems like being in 2 different worlds simultaneously. The conscious awareness is sitting in the chair in the space where the session is happening while the subconscious mind focuses on the impressions of the past life.

I beginning asking the following concerns and record the responses:

  • what’s the most essential lesson found out because life?
  • what caused the most sadness?
  • what caused the most happiness?
  • what could you’ve done much better?
  • what’ll assist you in this current life?
  • what’s the message your past life self want to communicate to your present life self?

Some answers are brief, some are comprehensive and clear, however all responses are always extensive and life changing for the individual who experiences them.

After taping the answers, the previous life is blocked with true blessings, healing and protection to ensure that pain and pain stay behind. As soon as we’ve actually developed awareness around an issue that we might’ve been carrying around with us from one life to another, it might dissolve.

Henry Bolduc (1994) says in ‘Life Patterns’ that regression work is the procedure not the product. How you find out and how you utilize that finding out is far more essential than who you were and how you lived. The soul’s memory is your true wisdom. Bolduc (1994:9).