Amidst the thousands of other people hungry to take in these early days of spring, I was fortunate to delight in an afternoon walk in the sun today. My senses prickled with pleasure as I felt the warm breeze on my face, lingered at the drunking sight and scent of numerous blooming trees, and heard the joyous chirping of birds awakening to a new period. I enjoyed this feeling of energy and well-being coursing through my body, the peace in my mind and heart.

nature walk

The thought struck me that I had not taught a yoga course this particular day, or even enjoyed my own regular practice, and yet I didn’t feel any void hurting to be satiated. Rather, I felt that the advantages I usually get from my yoga routine had actually somehow been received anyhow.

This awareness resulted in a myriad of intriguing thoughts and ponderings.

I’ve mentioned prior to that the definition of yoga is ‘union’, referring to the pursuit of a connection with oneself on the purest level of presence. To take this notion one stage much deeper, consider the reality that the asanas (postures) generally associated with yoga represent just a fraction of what this discipline encompasses. In truth, anything that enhances one’s life-force or vigor can be thought about yoga. While numerous of us have the ability to utilize the practice as a valuable tool for achieving an internal connection, some individuals see an hour of body postures as a mind-numbingly agonizing event. These individuals, nevertheless, could derive the same fundamental benefits in a range of other methods, such as a walk in nature, which promoted in me the very same sense of energy.

The direction of this idea path I began to follow pointed to an easy yet influential truth: as humans we’re continuously looking for to feel entire and total on all levels of our being.

Interestingly, our persistent efforts at attaining this sense of joy and vitality have extensive implications on our world, many which have yet to be totally recognized.

Perhaps the most convincing example is the current state where we find our environment. A look around and an open ear pours in an abundance of distracting info about worldwide warming, resource scarcity, inadequate food quality, etc, and so on. While numerous people understand these concerns, have we ever considered the driving force behind our way of lives that’s contributing to this detrimental scenario?

In a consumer-oriented world, we’re regularly bombarded with messages referring to the ‘American Dream’: the great pledge of fulfillment that results from the purchase of bigger homes, much faster cars, and more extravagant way of lives. As a society we dutifully swallow the bait of such ads, and aim towards this ‘perfect’ destination, only to find upon arrival that the emptiness we want to fill remains, crying out as deeply as in the past. Add to this that our continuous usage of product goods is gradually damaging the very world that sustains us, and we discover ourselves in rather a dilemma.

I raise this issue, in hopes of disclosing a parallel in between the weakening state of our world, and our present way of lives. The motivating aspect of our way of lives is that they’re gradually and slowly being enhanced by the old wisdom on which yoga is constructed. This wisdom teaches that we’re currently whole and ideal as we are, we need just to bear in mind this, and recognize ourselves as a natural part of the world, as opposed to different from it.

Somewhere in our flurry of activity in between work, shopping, payments and traffic, we’ve lost touch with our gratitude for just existing. We frequently move through days burdened with tension, as hours are wished away, stimulants and aspirin are routine staples, and happiness is thought about a concept conjured up in some fairytale land.

As I was reminded on my walk today, this sensation of vigor and bliss that we so desperately crave is doing not have because we’ve actually forgotten to pay attention. We’ve actually forgotten to breathe, to see and belong of the magnificent life dancing prior to our really eyes.

According to the warnings of numerous ecologists, something is going to have to change for our future to be bright.

Maybe, simply maybe, as we participate in more practices such as yoga, we’ll begin to bear in mind the sheer happiness that originates from living, and recognize that it’s our missing out on element to living more satisfied lives. In turn, not only will we enhance and conserve ourselves from misery, we take a vital step to conserving our world.