Osteopenia & Yoga

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As you age, your bone mass naturally decreases. If you’ve actually been detected with osteopenia, you’ve actually lost more bone mass than normal but not a lot that you’d receive a medical diagnosis of osteoporosis. If your mass continues to decrease, you’ve a greater risk of this condition. Routine exercising, including yoga, can provide many advantages for this condition, so long as you exercise safely within the ability your body can handle. If you’ve osteopenia, check with your doctor before beginning yoga or any other kind of workout.

Gettting Medical Clearance

While getting medical clearance to workout is constantly sensible insight in the presence of pre-existing medical conditions, it’s specifically crucial if you’ve a condition like osteopenia. Your doctor may need you undertake screening to assess the mineral density of your bones. This will assist evaluate the suitable level of exercising and whether yoga stands for a suitable form of exercise.


Loren Fishman, doctor, author and developer of the website Sciatica.org, has carried out research on the perks of yoga for osteopenia and osteoporosis. He recommends taking up yoga to aid in avoidance of these conditions and to slow progression if you already have them. According to his research, yoga improved both bone mineral density and bone strength, compared with topics not participating in yoga. Yoga can also enhance flexibility, range of movement and pose, all advantageous for this condition.

Suggested Poses

When it pertains to benefiting osteopenia specifically, Fishman and licensed yoga educator Jaki Nett, composing for ‘Yoga Journal,’ offer some recommended positions. Seated poses can benefit the hip, instances consist of hero position, expecteded angle pose and broad angle pose. Standing postures put weight on the legs and hips, which assist strengthen the bones in these locations, examples consist of mountain pose, triangle posture, warrior position and side angle pose. Postures that flex the back benefit the spinal column however you’ve to work out care with these postures, the degree to which you can flex depends on the severity of your illness. Examples consist of cobra position, camel pose, locust pose and the supported bridge pose.

If you intend on doing yoga by yourself, websites such as Fishman’s provide in-depth directions, visual aids and suggested modifications that make these poses safe if you’ve osteopenia or osteoporosis. For instance, you can do some poses utilizing a chair to make them simpler and decrease stress on your bones. When utilizing the Internet as a guide, try to find sites that provide info about doing yoga with these conditions.


Some yoga poses mightn’t be appropriate if you’ve osteopenia, such as those that need deep twisting of the spine. Avoid pushing yourself too tough and doing beyond exactly what your body can deal with. Avoid quickly changing positions, shift gradually to lower anxiety on your body and your already enhanced risk of fracture. If you visit a course, make certain you tell the instructor about your osteopenia so she can provide you adjustments or let you know when to prevent certain poses.