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A yoga position is called an asana and seen by yogis as a path to reflection. Asanas are workouts– whether holding postures in stillness with Hatha yoga or dynamically moving with the breath in Vinyasa Flow yoga. Asanas were designed countless years ago to unwind your body and focus your mind through a combination of breath and motion. is one online source that offers a considerable collection of yoga asanas consisting of images and videos.


Maintaining stillness in malasana, also called the garland posture, encourages great posture, enhances adaptability and exercises your leg, hip and butt muscles. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, put your hands in prayer position, boil down to a squat position with your knees wider than your upper body, elbows in front of your chin and feet flat on the floor. Press your palms together by pushing your elbows against your knees. Lengthen your upper body and lean forward somewhat for balance. Hold for one min, or about 8 deep breaths.

Utthita Trikonasana

Exercise your abdominals and lower back muscles, along with develop balance with the prolonged triangle pose. Stand sideways on your mat and step your legs 3 to 4 feet a component, feet parallel. Turn your right foot 90 degrees, perpendicular to your left foot. Extend your arms to the side, bring your right-hand man to your right thigh. Exhale and move it down your leg as far as you can easily extend– preferably to the within of your right foot, palm flat on the floor. Your left fingertips reach for the ceiling and form a straight line with your right arm, seek out at your left thumb. Press your left hip back and your right hip forward for appropriate placement. Breathe and continue to be in the pose for five deep breaths.


Dandasana, also called staff pose, exercises your entire upper body, urges better posture and offers a gentle stretch to the back of your legs as you hold stillness. Sit on your mat, legs extended directly in front of you, feet together. Put your palms on the floor by your hips, fingertips pointing towards your toes. Straighten your elbows and extend your spinal column by pushing your palms into the floor. If you find it difficult to sit up directly, do dandasana with your back against a wall.

Dolphin Plank

Kneel on your mat with your glutes resting on your heels, legs together. Grab your elbows with contrary hands and put them 8 inches from the front of your knees. Release your elbows and bring your hands together and interlace your fingers to form a ‘V’ shape. Extend one leg at a time behind you. Rest on your toes and your lower arms, hold for 5 deep breaths and flex your knee to come down.