One Month Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga instructor training options have bred. You can select from a long-term course of study that stretches over months or years. Or you can go with a more extensive course of study. Lots of studios and retreat centers worldwide offer trainings that can have you certified in a month.

Reasons for Picking a One-Month Training

One of the primary reasons prospective teachers pick one-month trainings is since of the intensity of the experience. These trainings normally involve going away from home and investing a month immersing yourself in yoga with a team of people who share your interest. If you are eager to begin your teaching occupation, this is a means to obtain through your training rapidly.

Evaluating Programs

If you practice and wish to teach a particular style of yoga, that’ll help you concentrate on the right program for you. But if you are not devoted to one school of yoga, you should closely examine the offerings of the different courses. If you are searching for a rigorously traditional design that’ll involve lots of chanting, approach, strict vegetarianism and early-morning mind-calming exercise, select a one-month Sivananda training. If you’re more interested in the physical and wellness aspects, and less on philosophy, try to find a course that invests more time on anatomy and less on chanting. Those who want to teach a gentle type of yoga may such as the Ananda program. Lots of schools provide a sample daily agenda on their websites or will send you one on request.


While no accreditation is required to instruct yoga, an organization called the Yoga Partnership sets minimum criteria to accredit instructors, start an official yoga educator registry and collect the corresponding costs. The YA is now the world’s major yoga educator licensing board. Some schools that train teachers are associated with the YA, while others aren’t. But lots of studios and health clubs like to hire YA-certified educators. For the best possible job leads post-graduation, check if the trainings you are considering are registered with the YA.

Other Considerations

Yoga instructor trainings are readily available all over the world, so if all other aspects are equal, this might be an opportunity to go to somewhere you’ve actually constantly wanted to go. Thailand, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali and, obviously, India, are popular locations for trainings. Also carefully assess the particulars. Numerous programs provide only vegetarian food, in keeping with the yogic concept of ‘ahimsa,’ or nonviolence. Others ban caffeine. Some require huge quantities of reading. Make certain you can honor the requirements of the program you choose.