I ‘d like to thank Omnitom for sending me a gorgeous natural cotton yoga clothing. As I put it on the first time, it felt so soft, cool and comfortable on my skin. The material on your skin really seems like you are using nothing on.

Omnitom Yoga Wear

Omnitom is a European brand name that offers yoga and pilates wear in womanly bright colors that are made to balance your chakras. This is a special idea for yoga and wellness enthusiasts.

We’re normally drawn and brought in to different colors, as it’s our natural instinct. Colours have magnetic energy and healing powers to fix any imbalances in your body. I really enjoyed the Pranic Green color as it’s very soothing to take a look at. I received many compliments while using the attire, as individuals are not utilized to seeing somebody putting on all green. It’s an extremely loving feel to it.

Of all the yoga wear that I own (which is lots), this outfit appears to exceed my expectations in numerous methods. It certainly has the softness material, much softer than my bamboo yoga outfit. I’d say, your skin will certainly love it.

The color choices are terrific, and yes, black is also available for those who’re avoiding bright colors.

The look and feel of this clothing is rather attractive, as it emphasizes your curves in all the ideal locations. The elegant information of their collection is motivated by the Chinese custom to boost a lady’s features with elegance. The 3 holes at the top of your back give your skin a cooler experience.

All in all I provide Omnitom’s yoga wear a 10 from 10 for design and comfort. It resembles putting on second skin!

Chakra Chick Collection

Omnitom Yoga Wear

The Chakra Chick collection is a fun and fresh collection in homage to the chakras. The bold color mixes and chakra signs stamped stylishly at the back of the tops assist us attract restored energy in order to balance our body, mind and spirit. The cut is elegant and classic. The sleeved and sleeveless tops are inspired by the Chinese conventional silk gowns and improve and sophisticated neck line. And the tank top enabling a bit more skin, for those yoginis who practice in warmer surrounding or who feel more comfortable with less. The trousers in the Chakra Chick collection are straight with a roll down belt, classic, comfortable and simple.


Wear the Purple Happiness for mediation and more intuitive practice, the purple color will stimulate your instinct and clearness of mind, helping you to get in realms that your typical mind can not go into.


Use Pranic Environment-friendly for heart opening practice, enabling the green to focus on strengthening your heart center. Enabling yourself to be ready for provide and to get love, sharing this loving energy with deep space and all living beings in it.


For Flow and Fluid practice wear the Bhakti Blue mix. It links you to the water element, permitting you to feel the flow within, along with promoting your communications center by boosting your throat chakra.


Choose Red Roots for Fire practice. If you’re ready to burn toxins, burn whatever it’s that’s dated and serves no purpose in your life, wear Red Roots. Go back to your center and reinforce your root chakra.