We’re pleased to announce a brand-new way for you to exercise– anywhere with a web connection. We have actually teamed up with iTunes to bring you our very first digital-only yoga program. No DVD gamer needed, just sign into iTunes, download the program you ‘d like and get to work, from anywhere you are.

The Yoga Rising series is one we’re super thrilled about and includes 3 young, fresh, up and coming rock star yogi’s with huge followings on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. In reality, you have actually most likely already come across Faith Hunter, “2 Fit Moms”, or Patrick Beach. If not, examine them out on your go-to social networks outlet. These 4 amazing yogis put their own spin on yoga and all clarify the concept of making your practice your own by paying attention to and taking advantage of your mind and body. Each yogi or yoga pair present 5 30-40 minute practices that are a complete body workout however zone in on one location of the body or facet of yoga.

Faith Hunter take advantage of the concept of being able to express who you are to the fullest and bringing your everyday life to your yoga mat. Practices of hers consist of “Strong Fire & Float” and “Move Like Honey” which she states is in reference to how she moves on a daily basis.

Two Fit Moms” have actually developed exactly what they think is five well rounded practices that are available to individuals of all levels of fitness. Their practices consist of “Morning Flow” that’s tailored to wake you up and stimulate you to start your day, and an alternative “Evening Flow” workout that will keep your heart rate down but assures to chill out tight and aching muscles from a day at work.

Patrick Beach brings an enjoyable and cool flair to all things yoga. His style centers around finding your body and pushing your restrictions. His collection of practices showcase fun yet challenging postures such as handstands, lower arm balances, inversions, and turned inversions. He rounds out his program with a corrective practice he recommends finishing after among his more difficult practices to center and reground your body.

Use these collections at your home when you can’t make it to the studio or integrate them into your daily routine. Take them on the roadway with you when you take a trip, bring them outside with you to the park, or anywhere you discover yourself in need of a difficult, calming, and unique yoga experience.

Visit iTunes now to get started.