New England Yoga Teacher Certification

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Yoga teacher training centers exist in many yoga studios or centers throughout the states and abroad. To be an official training camp, the yoga studio has to comply to standards set up by the Yoga Alliance. The New England mentions offer a number of selections of studios where you can get your yoga educator accreditation. Pupils need to attend 200 hours of yoga training to get accreditation.

Kripalu School of Yoga

Probably among the most widely known yoga centers in New England is the Kripalu School of Yoga, which claims to offer one of the most thorough trainings in the country. The school specializes in a Kripalu style of yoga, which focuses on awakening the life force, or prana, within each individual. Kripalu yoga emphasizes breath with correct placement of each asana, or pose. The school itself is found in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where even more than 300 students graduate a year from this program. Scholarships are likewise readily available to attend this program.

Namaste Institute for Holistic Studies

The Namaste Institute for Holistic Research, located in Rockland, Maine, provides another Yoga Alliance-certified program. Students satisfy once a month on the weekend to take the training for one year. The program consists of study of techniques of training, training method, in addition to anatomy and physiology and yogic approach. Topics such as yoga history, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, chanting, kirtan, mind-calming exercise and numerous even more subjects are covered. This program requires a long recommended reading list to be covered, much of it based on Indian or Eastern approach and trainings.

YogaLife Institute

YogaLife Institute, located in Exeter, New Hampshire, provides a 1 year program for severe students who wish to deepen their understanding of classic yoga. The program personalizes the researches for each pupil, where half the students go on to instruct and the people half integrates their lessons into their own personal practice. Students will find out numerous aspects of yoga, consisting of Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti and Jnana.


Youphoria offers integrative yoga treatment instructor training in Foster, Rhode Island. This type of training is open to any student, regardless of her level of physical fitness or age. Many healing experts, such as specialists, body employees and teachers, attend this program. The program has small class sizes so that all pupils can get the attention they need. Traditional yoga approach and philosophy are also a part of this program.