Improved muscle tone is just one of the many benefits of Bikram yoga.
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Bikram yoga, likewise known as ‘hot’ yoga, centers around a series of 26 postures carried out in a certain sequence in a space heated up to a temperature level in between 104 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Performing Bikram positions regularly provides many health benefits, consisting of enhanced muscle tone, according to the American University of Sports Medication and the American Council on Workout.

Yoga-based Exercise

All types of yoga, consisting of Bikram, include a series of postures or asanas– some done from a standing position, others from a seated or lying position. This method of exercise approaches the body as a whole, with a focus on centering and relaxing the mind through the use of yoga breathing or pranayama. Bikram, a mind-body workout technique to wellness, not only provides your muscles a complete workout, but boosts versatility, balance and proper body placement.

Standing Poses

Tree posture, standing bow, and triangle pose, are three of the 12 standing postures performed in Bikram yoga. During the standing position stage of a class, balance and proper posture are needed to perform the various postures. Standing on one leg, for example, strengthens the muscles in the legs and hips, however likewise needs strong stomach and back muscles for balance and positioning.

Floor Poses

Once on the the floor, Bikram yoga takes you with a series of 14 certain postures made to elongate your spinal column, strengthen your core and improve versatility. Presents such as camel, bow and cobra, include extension of the spinal column which stretches your stomach muscles while reinforcing your erector spinae muscles. Turning spine pose, likewise known as ‘pretzel’ pose, opens your spine while concurrently stretching your hips and strengthening your obliques muscles located in your waist area.


Improved muscle tone is simply among the advantages of Bikram yoga. Regular specialists often cite reduction in tension, much better rest routines, improved balance and a general sense of health. Although Bikram yoga is a sensible choice for strengthening your muscles and enhancing your versatility, regular practice doesn’t resolve your cardio requirements. For a well-rounded fitness regimen, consider running to the yoga studio or strike the elliptical in between your Bikram yoga workouts.