Most Popular Yoga Mats

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Your yoga mat can boost your practice. The mat that’s best for you is based on how you exercise. Qualities to search for include size, thickness and options. If you sweat, search for material that soaks up wetness so your mat doesn’t get slippery. While lots of yoga mats are made of PVC, even more environmentally friendly products– especially rubber– are becoming the more popular material, since 2011.

Manduka Mat

Manduka’s Black Mat PRO, while top of the line in cost, is a favored. Its 1/4-inch thickness provides cushioning and traction. Naturally degradable tree rubber on the leading and bottom layers withstands peeling and flaking. The significant downside is its weight. At 7 pounds, the Black Mat PRO is difficult to carry around. So use it when you are practicing in the house or shop your mat where you do yoga. To cleanse your Manduka mat, avoid utilizing your washing equipment. Simply wipe it with a wet cloth and dry it in the sun. Relying on the size, the mat retails for $85 to $99, since January 2011.

Prana Revolution

John Buddy, the founder of Anusara Yoga, codesigned the Transformation Natural Sticky Mat. Larger than a lot of yoga mats for sufficient security and freedom of movement, the Prana Transformation determines 30 inches large, 78 inches long and 1/16 inch thick This three-layered naturally degradable rubber mat, weighing in at a substantial 9 pounds, is also better left in the house or kept at your yoga studio. It comes in 2 colors, olive and tangerine.

Jade Harmony

The eco-friendly Jade Consistency Expert, made of natural rubber, offers an open-cell design that absorbs wetness and 3/16-inch thickness for security, traction and support. It evaluates a little more than 4 pounds for simple toting. The Jade Harmony can be found in two lengths– 68 and 74 inches– and 8 colors– purple, orchid, black, olive, midnight blue, slate blue, red and orange. To take care of your mat, hand-wash with soap and water and lay flat to dry, not in direct sunlight.

Gaiam Travel Mat

The light-weight Gaiam Reversible Eco Travel Mat folds easily to suit a bag. Made of natural rubber and microfiber, this 1-pound mat measures 24 inches wide, 68 inches long, 1/16 inch thick and offers a slightly sticky surface for stability. You can likewise utilize it on a hotel carpet or over another mat for a more sports, sweaty practice. It’s offered in blue or purple and is hand-washable.