Morning yoga lowers your stress level and improves your concentration.

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Practicing yoga in the morning minimizes your stress, which improves your focus for various other jobs such as work or college. Scientist Amit Kauts and Neelan Sharma from the MGN University of Education in India discovered that early morning yoga practice improved students’ academic efficiency. The researchers reported that one hour of yoga practice, including meditation and prayer, decreased tension and improved self-confidence, resulting in better efficiency throughout the day.


Certain yoga presents create energy for your body. ‘Yoga Journal’ suggests back-bending presents to rejuvenate your body in the morning. Warrior 1 is a standing back bending position that’s the added benefit of grounding your body to the earth, which develops a feeling of strength.

Begin Warrior 1 with your right foot about three feet in front of your left. The toes of your right foot face forward and the toes of your left foot must face towards the left. Bend your right knee to a comfy angle and raise both arms over your head as you arch your back to seek out. Hold Warrior 1 for 5 breaths and then repeat with your left leg forward.


On winter mornings, awaken and warm your body with sections of a Sun Salutation. ‘Whole Living’ suggests transitioning from Downward-facing Canine to Upward-facing Dog and back again to warm your body in the early morning. Use this series to enhance array of motion in your ankles, hips, shoulders and wrists.

Begin on your hands and knees then straighten your legs as you press your hips towards the ceiling and your heels toward the floor to relocate into Downward Dog. Your neck will unwind if you keep the top of your head facing toward the floor. Move into Upward-facing Pet dog by rounding your upper back a little, rolling forward over your toes and then arching your back while at the same time pressing down your shoulders. Lower your hips toward the floor and then raise your chest toward the ceiling. Transition back to Down Dog by pressing your hips toward the ceiling.


After a restless evening of rest from an over active mind, practice balancing positions to focus your concentration and reduce your anxiety. Tree Pose needs your focus as you ground yourself to the earth and focus on your breathing. Start Tree Pose by basing on your right leg. If you’re a beginner, put the arc of your left foot at your right ankle. As you improve, place your left foot greater on your leg, up to your right shin, or inner thigh. Discover your balance and then extend your arms overhead. This arm extension stretches your chest, which is valuable if you spend your day with your arms forward over a computer or desk. Keep tree position while you inhale and exhale five times, repeat on your left leg.


Finish your morning session with relaxation, or Remains Pose. This corrective pose will soothe your mind and lower your blood pressure. Corpse Pose can be suddenly difficult since it needs overall relaxation and stillness.

Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, palms facing up and your legs extended with your feet slightly ended up. Permit the floor to support your body as you unwind and focus your mind just on your breathing, not on your order of business. Rest in Corpse Pose for 5 to 10 minutes.