yoga-retreat-nicaraguaVarious Retreats are held at Morgan’s Rock Retreats. One of them is the the yin and yan of Yoga with Rebekka Walker. This retreat offers an opportunity to explore the balancing practice of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga together, this retreat will combine these two powerful practices into one, creating the unity and union that is yoga. Through the rebalancing of energetic meridians and the meditative state of being,which is Yin Yoga, we will delve deeper into the heart opening and strengthening aspects of a true vinyasa practice.

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Each day 2 and a half hour morning session will begin with pranayama and meditation, flowing into a traditional yin sequence and completing the session in a vigorous and refreshing vinyasa flow. The hour and a half evening practice will begin with a heart opening hatha sequence, flowing gracefully into a restorative yin series, finished off with a sunset meditation.

Where is it?

Morgan’s Rock, Nicaragua