Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba Meditation is a reflection method that aids you to enter a state of recognition. In this state you can see the power areas that are surrounding your Physical body. If you ask yourself where its name comes from, Merkaba includes three old Egyptian words (Mer, Ka, Ba). Mer is the light that revolves continuously within itself, Ka is the power, the spirit, the genuine love as well as Ba is our physical body. Merkaba Reflection has many benefits for our physical, psychological, psychological and spiritual health.

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How to: Merkaba Meditation

First you need to discover a comfortable placement. It is far better to sit on a chair, as opposed to laying down. In situation you really feel drowsy as well as fall asleep, which you don, t intend to. Now combine your thumb and also your index finger for both of your hands. Your palms have to confront the sky. You have to breath deeply and also slowly in as well as out through your nose.

When you really feel unwinded, you can begin to visualize. We will certainly deal with the chakras, one at a time. Picture a traffic signal bordering your body. It opens your origin chakra. Now switch your forefinger with the center one. Inhale and also hold your breath. Except also long. For just a few seconds. Then breathe out. Now picture an orange light. Open up the following chakra. Modification to the following finger. Hold your breath again.


The Merkaba Meditation continues with yellow. Open your chakra. Modification the 3rd finger with the fourth one. Take a deep breath and hold it. Currently transfer to eco-friendly. Open your heart. Let the caring eco-friendly shade border your body. Currently transform the fourth finger with the forefinger. One more deep breath and hold it for a few secs. Imagine a stunning blue color. It opens your throat chakra. Repeat it for the third eye as well as the crown chakra.

Now you have to be in a deep leisure state. Really feel the shades and the love bordering you. Breath in and also out deeply and gradually. Enjoy this state of living in today. You have no concerns, no regrets. You are a pure and perfect spiritual being.

Stay in this state s long as you wish, then come back slowly. Or you could choose to proceed the Merkaba Meditation with one more reflection. Visualization, mercy reflection or self love, healing meditation are excellent to continue with. Enjoy!