The Bird

I found a satin bowerbird developing his ‘love shack’ in a protected part of our yard. My Wiki source says that these smart birds are endemic to eastern Australia. If you’re from another part of the world and aren’t acquainted with bower birds, right here’s a photo of a male:


I have actually understood for a very long time that bowerbirds are collectors of things. They particularly enjoy blue things: drinking straws, bottle caps, and clothing pegs, for instance. Here’s some of the things ‘our’ bowerbird has built up with the concept of impressing a potential mate.

blue, meditation

By extension, in Australia, individuals who are compulsive collectors are called bowerbirds. We’re talking about a individual who sees a possible use for every sort of thing. The guest space may have no space for visitors and the garage no area for a vehicle.

The Meditator

I’ve flattered myself over the years that I am the opposite of an accumulator. I such as ‘green bagging’ and regularly drop cast off clothing at the thrift stores.

I had an insight, however, when I was practicing meditation the other day. To begin with, I must state, I’m a reasonably new meditator – simply 2 years. So, exactly what I’m about to describe my appear evident to you veterans out there. But I never stated I was a fast student.

I’m often distracted from my focus while meditating. Instead of seeing my breath or hearing sounds, I’m lost in thought and feelings activity. Recently I have actually been observing exactly what the major content of my thought and feelings is. I’m planning yoga courses.

This is amusing since, at the moment, I’m only teaching 2 classes each week and the occasional workshop. I imply how much planning does that consider an old hand?

But you see, I’m like the bowerbird. Just I’m not building up quite objects. I’m gathering ideas for exactly what I might do in my own yoga practice or exactly what I may teach. It’s a habit of 30 plus years, dated, but entrenched. I’m thinking yoga much of the time.

What will I finish with the glossy concepts that come out of my thinking? Like the bower bird, I want to drum up interest. I wish to bring in students and keep them coming since they are never bored. That’s not a bad thing other than for one bit. Behind my thinking, there lurks a driven sort of requirement to remain on top of things, to be interesting as an instructor, and to better at exactly what I do. And, behind that requirement is a worry of not being enough.

My God, this reflection things is provocative! Where’s the mental peace in it?

I’ve discovered that it’s a remarkable activity just catching myself in the act of thinking.

Here’s the great part. In the infinitesimally small wedge between thinking and recognizing that I’m thinking is the Land of Option. I may go on collecting concepts for teaching or get swept along in other sort of thinking. Or, upon acknowledging that I have actually fallen in the idea stream, I can opt to carry myself out and view what’s going on in the moment.

What has this insight implied in terms of my meditation practice? I ‘d like to report that it’s become more quiet in my head. But if I turn off preparing mode, inevitably some other sort of thinking occurs. Minds think, that’s exactly what they do. In my case now, I have actually decided to leave yoga planning out of my sitting time, and I can do it at another time, or not. That’s a huge freedom.

Perhaps free as a bird?