Tai chi and other forms of moving chakra mediation can help balance the body's energy centers.

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The chakra system is a series of energy facilities in the body, each of which can be linked to physical, emotional and mental health and health. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that indicates ‘wheel.’ Chakras are wheels of energy in the body that ideally spin neither too quickly nor too slowly. Balanced chakras can assist energy move easily through the body, and could help individuals maintain health and health. Advocates declare that reflection on and with the chakras can help clear energy obstructions within the body, or slow a chakra that’s spinning in unwanted.

Origin of the Chakra System

The chakra system come from India and was written about in the Vedas, an old Indian text. The chakras were later on described in the Yoga Upanishads, where they were linked to consciousness. These traditions note 7 primary centers within the body. Today, the Western world is more accepting of Eastern beliefs and practices, such as yoga and meditation, to deal with the chakras to help enhance physical, mental and emotional well being.

Chakras and Health

The basic chakra system consists of 7 spinning wheels of energy that start at the base of the body and continue to the top of the head. Each chakra is linked to physical systems in the body, in addition to emotional and mental processes. For example, the 2nd chakra, frequently referred to as the ‘sacral’ chakra, is linked to the kidneys, reproductive system, big intestine, bladder and various other internal organs and systems that reside in or around the abdominal areas. The sacral chakra is likewise connected with your ability to maintain your emotional identity, to have balanced and healthy relationships with others, and to maintain healthy levels of sexual need. All these aspects of wellness can be affected if the chakra is deficient or spinning in excess.

Meditation to Balance Chakras

Meditation is the practice of quieting and concentrating the mind to attain a wanted outcome. People meditate for reasons as basic as minimizing anxiety or as profound as accomplishing spiritual enlightenment. Meditation on the chakras helps connect your consciousness to your physique, permitting you to control these energy centers for the purpose of accomplishing health and wellness.


A preferred chakra mind-calming exercise practice includes imagining each chakra in the body. To do this, start with the root chakra and work your means up to the crown chakra. Picture the color of each chakra and the systems in the physical, mental and psychological bodies to which the chakra is connected. Visualize the chakra spinning at a healthy rate. If you feel you’re deficient, envision the blocks in the chakra separating slowly and the energy beginning to relocate more progressively. If you feel you’ve an excess of chakra energy, visualize the chakra slowly decreasing to reach an optimal speed.

Moving Meditation

Meditative movement such as tai chi or qi gong can likewise assist balance the chakras. Tai chi is a system of sluggish, gentle movements rooted in Eastern traditions of martial arts. Tai chi has many various postures and styles, however each is finished with awareness and function. Qi gong resembles tai chi, however consists of using the breath in addition to physical movement to reinforce the body’s energy facilities. Yoga and dance are other kinds of moving mind-calming exercise.