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Meditation is more than simply closing your eyes, and relaxation is more than simply a time off from work. There are lots of different methods for meditating and envisioning, however they all serve the very same function: to focus the mind and relieve anxiety.


Known for its pretzel positions, stretching and deep breathing, yoga also involves reflection. In fact, according to the American Yoga Association, ‘The entire system of yoga is built on 3 major structures: workout, breathing, and meditation.’ Whereas workout and breathing concentrate on the body, meditation is a practice for silencing the mind and recovering daily tension.


Zazen is the kind of meditation practiced by Zen Buddhists. The Zen Mountain Monastery in New york city calls zazen ‘the study of the self.’ Zazen is an uncomplicated practice that includes the use of simple habits to prepare for and afterwards sit, for a time period, with an ’em pty mind.’ An empty mind is very unusual, however, a lot of zazen is really an awareness of the mind without any attempt to hang on to thoughts. The practice is simple yet at the same time complicated and effective, as is the mind.


Transcendental meditation, or TM, incorporates some core elements of reflection, such as a mantra, and customizes other elements, such as the position and duration, for a Western audience. The goal is to experience ‘pure awareness.’ According to the main TM site, even more than 5 million people worldwide have learned this method.


Visualization is a practice that doesn’t seek to clear or complimentary the mind, however rather to harness the mind’s creativity to engender sensations of peace and calm. If you’ve ever purposely brought to mind a pleasant memory as a means of cheering yourself up, you’ve actually exercised visualization. Visualization is an inner procedure that’s most effective when the professional invokes all 5 senses to envision. Visualization varies from assisted images, directed by another’s instructions, because it’s self-led. Visualization could be incorporated with other tension relief practices, such as affirmations.