yoga bikram

Jathara Parivartanasana

jathara = abdomen · parivartana = to completely revolve · asana = pose


Generates elasticity as well as strength in the core, spins or “wrings” abdominal body organs to enhance circulation throughout the gut


1. Lie on your back with your knees drawn right into your chest. Inhale and also breathe out several times to extend the connective tissues in your lower back.
2. Set your arms bent on your sides at shoulder level, hands showed up. On an exhale, move your knees right as well as draw them toward your right elbow.
3. Actively stretch your left arm in opposition to your legs to supply a counterpoint to the spin. Think of that the arm is evaluated down by sandbags. At the same time, ground your left shoulder blade.
4. With each exhalation, rotate your abdomen to the left, away from your knees. Maintain your low back invigorated by actively attracting your back spinal column internal (as in a tiny back arch) to stabilize your core as well as grow the twist.
5. Feel exactly how your skin, connective tissue, organs, as well as spinal column turn with each breath. Stay for 30 seconds before actively turning your knees back up to. Repeat on the left.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Don’t permit your knees to move below your hips. This positions stress on the reduced back and also leaves the lumbar vertebrae prone to strain. With knees attracted up, the spinal column, paraspinal muscles, and also organs are suitably revolved.
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Don’t let your left arm and shoulder blade take off the ground. This negates the counterpoint to the spin, leaving your shoulder, neck, and upper spine vulnerable to strain.