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matsya = fish · asana = pose
Fish Pose


Opens the shoulders as well as upper body, relaxes the often-tight middle back, extends the neck and thyroid, provides an equilibrium of opening without realizing, and of loosening up without collapsing.


1. Sit in Dandasana (Personnel Pose), with your legs prolonged in front of you and also your spine long.
2. Slowly roll onto your back. Press your hands down and also raise onto the top of your head.
3. Stroll your fingers toward your feet up until your arms are directly– your joints need to be off the flooring. Once more weigh down strongly with your palms, as well as tuck your shoulder blades right into your back, this will raise as well as open your upper body and also support your neck.
4. Keep your legs and also feet strongly engaged. If it seems like there’s too much stress on your head or spinal column, see the alterations on web page 32.
5. Area your focus on the feeling of your breath right at the side of your nostrils. Do not believe about or picture the breath, yet really tune in to the feeling of the wind power passing in and from your body. Let your mind resolve right into this method of close attention.

Avoid These Common Mistakes


Don’t collapse via the upper body and also scrunch your neck and also shoulders.

yoga tips

Don’t let your feet flop ready for the sides. This could tax your low back.