Mahavakya Meditation

Firstly, the Mahavakyas are referred to as “The Terrific Expressions” or “The Great Truths” of the Upanishads. In the Mahavakya Reflection you could choose among the lots of excellent phrases as well as duplicate them as a concept. The four principal Mahavakyas are:

PRAJNANAM BRAHMA (Prajna or the higher awareness is Brahman),

AJAM ATMA BRAHMA (This self is Brahman),

TAT TVAM ASI (Thou art that) and

AHAM BRAHMASMI (I am Brahman, I am Magnificent).

Each among these Mahavakyas holds its own truth. They are very powerful concepts that can assist you to find out who you truly are.

Mahavakya Meditation – How to?

yoga tipsTo start the Mahavakya Meditation you need to find a comfortable position. If you are settled and also peaceful, choose a Mahavakya. The most commonly used reality is AHAM BRAHMASMI which helps you to understand that you are you are the divine.

Now start to focus on your breath. Take long and slow breaths. Inhale peace, love and empathy and exhale surrender. When you feel that you are unwinded, you could present the Mahavakya into your reflection. Breathe in deeply as well as with your exhale incantation AHAM BRAHMASMI or I am Brahman.

With every breath you take, allow your emphasis grow right into your mantra. Allow the rule take away a layer of “on your own” with every exhale (layers could be your name, your gender, your occupation, feelings and a lot more).

Imagine how your spirit beams brighter as well as brighter as you remove the layers. Finish the layers. Then liquify your soul into deep space. Remain in this calm state as long as it really feels excellent. When you are maded with the Mahavakya Meditation start to revive your understanding to your body. Feel your breath. Remain with your eyes closed until you are totally mindful. Stand up gradually and also have a tea or some water.

This amazing reflection is an excellent means to obtain rid of negative practices, negative feelings as well as to discover how to love on your own. Exercise this meditation as usually as you can. With practice you will certainly be able to loose more and even more layers. Let this Mahavakya Reflection reveal you your real self.