Consider that as we ‘get older’ in chronological terms, it becomes increasingly hard to digest and utilize the helpful oils in our foods. When flax, hemp and other excellent products became easily available, many people started to eat them freely, assuming we were obtaining all that we required from them. To some extent this appears to be real!

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However, our digestive systems find it ‘tough’, to put it perfectly, to digest and absorb the useful nutrients of these and other foods as we age. Thankfully, we now know that our skin, being the biggest organ, permits far higher absorption and instant use of healthy oils, while bypassing the digestion system. Just as hormone and other skin patches work trans-dermally, so too can we use oils to our skin and reap their advantages.

Recently, a few oils appeared on natural food store shelves that allow us to improve the condition of our skin, perhaps very considerably, while avoiding those ‘nasty’ additives so frequently found in routine skin ‘care’ products.

Today, we will take a look at two ‘powerhouse’ oils that boast centuries of extremely advantageous and therapeutic use. Tamanu Oil, long used and enjoyed by Polynesian people, has just recently ‘strike’ the scene in North America, thanks, in part, by Dr. Oz, who showcased it on National TELEVISION back in the Spring of this year, 2010.

Here are a few of its myriad advantages:

  • It work as an effective anti-wrinkle oil, specifically valuable for dry and maturing skin.
  • It promotes new skin tissue, has actually documented use for burns, cuts, scars and even more.
  • It’s terrific for dermatitis and psoriasis, as it contains powerful anti bacterial/fungal homes and has a rich and special fatty acid profile.
  • Pure Tamanu Oil is also a considerable anti-inflammatory that’s highly nourishing and produces radiant skin.
  • It ares promoted as being remedial for piles!

The other oil we will deal with today is Argan Oil from Morocco. Similar to Tamanu Oil’s long history, Argan Oil has also been utilized for centuries with great benefit! Typically, the regional Berber women of Morocco gathered and pushed the seeds/kernels by hand from the Argania Spinosa tree, which has constantly yielded among the most costly oils on the planet! The Moroccan ladies have actually constantly used Argan Oil to safeguard and nourish their skin, hair and nails.

Here in the West, Argan is getting appeal as a ‘miracle active ingredient’. It includes very high levels of Vitamin E and 80 % fatty acids. The active substances in Argan oil offer remarkable skin defense advantages, including tissue recovery (scars), anti-inflammatory, sun-protective and disinfectant homes, and protection against early aging caused by oxidation.

Argan Oil is considered a reliable anti-aging oil and is believed to help lower creases by bring back the skin’s hydro-lipid layer. Argan Oil contains unusual plant sterols (phytosterols) not discovered in other oils and are thought to reveal anti-cancer properties.