It’s been 4 years given that I relocated to the country from Sydney. One of the points I was afraid when I left the Huge Smoke was that I would be forgotten by the many yoga trainees as well as educators that were my household there for greater than thirty years. I utilized to recognize everyone that was anyone in yoga. I could not go anywhere without running into a person from my yoga exercise community. I enjoyed that.

I reached evaluate my theory/paranoia when I remained in Sydney for a quick time recently. I went to a yoga course led by an old pupil and pal who is has actually been an accomplished educator in her very own right for several years. At the start of the session, she kindly introduced me to her class. As I checked out the space, I saw 1 or 2 individuals I recognized from the ‘old days’ but also for one of the most part, I and the pupils were strangers.

Of course, recently I’ve been active establishing my mentor at the Yoga Shed as well as promoting a rural yoga community. In the meanwhile, lots of yoga exercise close friends, students and also colleagues have seen me on Mitchells Island. I should not be so precious regarding whatever credibility I developed in the past, but there you go, I still desire to be loved (and also told so). To be truthful, this very ‘Yoga exercise Fits Her’ blog site is partly a bridge to those I have actually know in the past.

Death is the supreme leave-taking and also those who have left will be neglected. It might take years or decades but at some point it will take place, unless probably they are noteworthy worldwide – like Nelson Mandela.

My good friend Susan left her body on Wednesday of this week. Susan is additionally my housemate and also heart sis’s sis – that is, Judy. This fatality is touching. It’s additionally brought up the despair around my own sister’s passing away which was 15 years back. I do not think of her so often anymore, however when I do, I have actually elevated her to a pedestal and also bear in mind primarily the very best things regarding her and who she was in the world.


The other day I heard an octogenarian state, ‘It’s so unfortunate. All my friends are passing away.’

This will be our fate eventually – for some sooner and also some later. We may be the last person standing in our circle of pals. Who knows?

Is there anything to be done? Perhaps simply to cope with and also appreciate the brevity of life and even identify that my worry regarding being neglected can be technique for the last departure.