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If you want to get long and lean, you need exercises that are made to improve flexibility and experience long, supple muscles. A great lean body workout also increases your cardio system to burn fat. Each of these exercises emphasizes overall body development rather than pumping up particular muscles, so you get the lean frame and healthy shape you desire.

Strength Training

Done properly, weightlifting can give you long, lean muscles, not protruding, cartoon arms. The trick is to select the right weights and workouts. According to ‘Strength Training,’ the trick to obtaining a lean shape is high repetitions of lighter weights, and doing exercises that work numerous muscle groups, such as push-ups and pull-ups. This keeps you from overdeveloping any one area while helping you develop overall muscle.


A yoga exercise incorporates resistance and cardio elements, according to Glenda Twinning, author of ‘Yoga Fights Excess weight.’ You utilize your body weight as resistance, meanings muscles are completely engaged, and the breathing practice keeps your cardio system working to burn calories. The outcome is a workout that establishes long, lean muscle without any complicated devices or having to spend time in the health club.


According to ‘Pilates For Every Body’ by Denise Austin, the workout system was created by a registered nurse and ex-gymnast Joseph Pilates to help restore bed-bound patients. Pilates concentrates on boosting the deep abdominal muscles to assist straighten and reshape your body, and on working your muscles into a full variety of motion so they become longer, leaner and more powerful. Austin keeps in mind that Pilates is extensively utilized by dancers, athletes and stars, because it helps create a long, toned body shape.

Cross-country Skiing

If you want a vigorous, overall body workout to burn fat and build long, lean muscle, cross-country snowboarding– either outdoors or on a machine– is optimal. Steve Gaskill, author of ‘Fitness Cross Country Skiing,’ keeps in mind that it constructs high stamina levels and makes use of more muscles than almost any other single workout. If you’ve never ever skied, you can begin training using an equipment. Nonetheless, getting outdoors provides a greater fitness challenge and is a great mind-body exercise.