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Lady Gaga seems to be passing on some new woman leaves: Singing a marvelous collection of ‘The Sound of Songs’ songs at the Oscars, practicing crow right into headstand while balancing on a paddleboard. Momma Monster is branching out.

Gaga has been attempting her leather-gloved hand at exactly what the children call nowadays – SUP – Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga exercise. She published a couple of images on her Instagram account a number of days before her Oscar efficiency, which seem a departure from her regular Bikram-based underwears posing.

Wearing a band swimsuit, due to the fact that why not, the recently engaged Girl shows up all growns up and it’s kind of endearing. She was just recently given a tough time about her ‘bad meals’ body photo messaging, yet ‘physical body revolution’ crusader things apart, it seems Gaga is pleased of her yogi accomplishments and also intends to share that she’s enjoying … when she’s not bellowing with Tony Bennett or making Julia Andrews destroy. We’re pleased she’s happy as well as now her Instagram fans are all exercising yoga in their bath tubs until they can see exactly what’s SUP themselves. (This is more difficult compared to it seems.)

Her hills are active with the sound of music.

And today I started to master #crowboard

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What a wonderful day, Swimming Pool Yoga!

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I’m uncertain exactly what this is called however I enjoy this sh * t. Me and also @sloaner7

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