Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification Programs

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Kundalini comes from the Indian word, kundal, meanings ‘lock of hair from the cherished.’ Uncoiling this hair is stated to be the awakening of kundalini energy, an effective force that occurs in every human. Yogi Bhajan brought kundalini yoga to the west in 1969, and trains thousands of teachers a year to awaken their own kundalini energy as well as their pupils.

Kundalini Research Institute

The procedure to become a licensed kundalini instructor is stringently regulated by the Kundalini Research Institute. The institute offers courses all over the world, led by populared educators. The courses need to be finished face to face and generally extend over a number of weeks or months, generally satisfying on weekends. After a course there’s added classroom time and home study required in addition to a final test. The cost per program differs from $1,000 to $3,000.

Level 1

Level one kundalini instructor accreditation will give you the required education to begin teaching. The course is 250 hours and is connected with the Yoga Partnership in the United States. The course covers postures, kriyas, reflection, yogic approach, history of kundalini yoga, yogic anatomy, western anatomy, humanology, and yogic way of life. There’s also an area covering your role as a kundalini yoga instructor.

Level 2

The level two kundalini certification develops your abilities on a deeper and more spiritual level. It’s more about an individual improvement, claiming to help you in becoming a better instructor, according to 3ho. com. You’ve to finish level one training before moving on to level 2. The curriculum includes 5 separate modules, mindful communication, authentic relationships, way of livings and lifecycles, mind and reflection, and vitality and stress.

Level 3 and Beyond

Level 3 accreditation incorporates an experiential 10-day program, plus a personalized community-building service task, according to yogibhajan.com. It needs peer review for last accreditation. There are also workshops readily available with certain focus to continue your education. ‘Living Joyously in the Authentic Self’, ‘Women’s Yoga Camp’, and ‘Beyond Dependency’, to name a few.