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Kum Nye yoga is a gentle recovery system, which eases tension, transforms negative patterns and assists us to be balanced and healthy. It enhances our enjoyment and appreciation of life. Kum Nye yoga recovers both our mind and bodies, bringing their energies together to operate efficiently and harmoniously. Since it leads to integration of mind and body in all our activities, this kind of Tibetan yoga has an essential and enduring quality. With a recurring foundation of inner health we’re likewise able to be better of help to others. Kum Nye yoga balances, integrates and energizes the whole of our being, welcoming a sense of wholeness and relax within ourselves and in relationship to others and our environment.
The key to both our internal integration and a balance relationship with the world lies within our sensations and feelings. We can support and recover both our mind and bodies by touching our feelings deeply and broadening the flowing rhythms they bring to us, for they’re associateded with the energy of deep space itself. This energy can stimulate itself inside to sustain and support us in our lives, reusing residues of blocked psychological patterns and making us alive and well, we’re in balance.
Kum describes the body, not the physical, but rather our embodiment. It includes all aspects of our being. Kum refers to our presence in area. Nye means massage in the sense of communication, it describes stimulating sensation which can refine, recreate, and regrow all of the patterns of the living organism. With Nye our energy continuously refreshes itself.