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The kriyas, or yoga exercises, are the heart of the kundalini and kriya yoga practice. Kundalini Yoga, as instructed by Master Yogi Bhajan, starts with chanting and pranayama (warm up breathing workouts), followed by 30 to 45 minutes of kriyas. The kriyas are the fitness part of the yoga practice, and there are a host of fundamental kriya workouts.

Breath of Fire

Pranayama workouts are typically used to warm up for yoga practice. One exercise, the Breath of Fire, is utilized throughout kundalini and kriya yoga. It can be practiced while sitting in an easy pose or kneeling. Swiftly inhale and exhale brief, quick breaths, pumping the abdominal areas like a billows. Practice for one to 3 minutes in the start, ultimately working up to five or 10 minutes. Qualified kundalini yoga instructor and guru, Anmol Mehta, calls Breath of Fire the ‘king kong’ of pranayama, and describes that it assists purify the body, oxygenate the blood and amplify the advantages of yoga practice.

Sat Kriya

The Sat Kriya, or kneeling posture, is performed by bringing the palms together, interlacing the fingers with the index fingers extended, then stretching both arms overhead. Chant the phrase ‘Sat Naam,’ suggesting ‘truth is my identification,’ repeatedly while mentally drawing the energy up with the body., which supplies information on kundalini yoga and kriyas, explains that Sat Kriya is essential to yoga and must be practiced every day for at least three minutes. It’s thought to reinforce the entire system and promote the natural flow of energy.

Frog Pose

Frog present is another fundamental kriya. Stand and open the legs somewhat wider than hip-width, then gradually drop into a squatting position. The hands might rest on the floor for support or stay in prayer position. Bring your head forward toward the knees and extend the hips upward while breathing in. On exhalation, raise the head once more and drop the hips down. Repeat this motion as lots of 15 to 25 times while resting between sets. Frog present opens the hips and reinforces the big muscles of the legs.

Bridge Pose

Bridge present, likewise known as table top position, is carried out by lying flat on the mat, with the knees bent, arms at the sides with the palms dealing with down. While inhaling, lift the hips up toward the ceiling. Carry out the Breath of Fire while holding bridge posture for one to 3 minutes. On exhalation, slowly lower the back toward the mat. This could be duplicated numerous times. Anmol Mehta explains that this kriya not just helps enhance the arms and back, however likewise helps to enhance the immune system.

Seated Leg Stretch

Seated leg stretch is a universal workout in all forms of traditional yoga. It assists to lengthen the hamstring muscles and reinforce the lower back. Sit upright, with both legs stretched out in front. Making use of the hands, raise the head and one leg while carrying out the Breath of Fire. Hold for one minute or as long as you’re able, then repeat with the opposite leg. Seated leg stretch can be used to help prepare the muscles for much deeper stretches, such as seated forward flex, or prior to last leisure.