Kripalu Yoga Poses

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Kripalu is an approach of yoga founded in the 1960s by Amrit Desai. Based upon the teachings of Sri Kripalvananda, this design of yoga combines poses with breathing and mind-calming exercise. Supporting the belief that yoga ought to come for everyone, Kripalu yoga highlights the importance of listening to your body and doing exactly what feels right to throughout your practice and everyday life.

Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Adho Mukha Shvanasana, or downward-facing pet dog, is a common yoga position practiced in Kripalu classes. To do downward-facing pet, position yourself on all fours with your hands and knees on your mat. Push into the mat with the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands so that your hips and tailbone press upward. Align yourself into two sides of a triangular as you correct your elbows and knees, tighten your core and unwind your head down. Pay attention to your body and adjust the distance between your hands and feet until it feels right to you. Bend your knees one at a time to walk you legs and stretch each individually for a deeper stretch.


To do another Kripalu pose, called Mandukasana or frog present, begin in the exact same position as you did to begin downward facing-dog. This time, lower your lower arms onto your mat as you end up at your hips and lower your inner thighs down towards the mat. Rest your weight on your forearms as you permit the force of gravity to assist you sink your tailbone and feet into your mat. Gently relocate your hips tiny distances from side to side if the stretch feels great on your body.


Utkatasana, which is likewise called chair present or standing squat, is an additional pose performed in Kripalu yoga. Start Utkatasana standing on your mat with the withins of your feet touching. Sweet your arms out in front of you and raise them towards the top of the wall in front of you. Keep your shoulders relaxed as you raise your arms, then bend your knees. Unwind as if you’ll sit down on an unnoticeable chair however keep your balance so you don’t tip backwards. Tighten your core and bend as deeply as your body enables without jeopardizing your posture.


To do the Kripalu yoga posture Vrikshasana, also referred to as tree position, start by standing on your mat. Shift your weight onto one leg and raise your other leg. Flex the knee of your raised leg and use your hand to put the sole of your foot against your standing leg, at whatever height feels comfy. Fix your eyes on a stationary point in front of you and tighten your core to assist you balance. If you feel ready, raise your arms and extend them up, keeping your shoulders relaxed and down. Repeat this posture while standing on the various other leg so your body remains balanced.