Kid's Yoga Games

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Yoga exercises can be great for kids to assist them with their health and fitness. However in many cases, your kids couldn’t be able to focus long enough on the poses. For adults, yoga is normally about being calm and quiet. Children, in many cases, require more excitement to keep them thinking about the task. So to make yoga more fascinating to your young ones, you can try playing yoga games.

Halloween Yoga

Halloween yoga is an instance of how offering yoga a holiday theme is a terrific method to keep kids thinking about the tasks. Be imaginative and use yoga positions that can likewise be translated as something to do with Halloween. Some breathing workouts can be the like a ghost stating, ‘booo.’ A half moon posture might stand for the moon in the sky that perhaps a werewolf is howling at. The cat posture could stand for a black cat in the night. The warrior posture can be a flying wicked witch.

Yoga Obstacle Course

A yoga challenge course is another fun idea to keep your young ones thinking about yoga. Expand a number of yoga mats around the room and put a card with a specific yoga pose on every one. The cards can be a word that represents the pose or a picture of that posture. Between each mat, put out items for various other fun tasks for your children to do in between yoga positions. Mini-games like hopscotch or pillow toss will work, or, put out products like hula hoops and stacking blocks. Play some fun positive songs and let the kids take turns going through the obstacle course. Have them hold the yoga position for five breaths or 30 seconds before moving on to the next activity. Possibly a few of the games in between yoga postures can be contests where points are scored, to make the barrier course even more of a contest, too.

Musical Mats

Musical mats is a lot like musical chairs. Set up a number of yoga mats in a circle with different yoga postures on cards placed on each mat. Make sure you’ve one less yoga mat than kids playing. As the songs begins, the kids should walk around the mats in a single file manner. When the music stops, each kid must sit on a mat and do the respective position. The one child who doesn’t have a mat is out and the game continues. After the children hold their postures for 30 seconds, eliminate one of the mats and start the music once again. Keep playing until just one kid is left, as the winner.


This is a game that uses non-traditional tree postures. Children aren’t as balanced as grownups, so having them carry out common tree postures mightn’t work so well. Have the children all stand together side by side or in a circle and pretend they’re trees. Have them stand with their feet flat and arms out like a huge tree. Advise them to cross one foot over the various other while balancing their weight. Then they can raise their arms up and down like branches blowing in the wind. They must likewise inhale and out, making the noises of the winds. Since they’re trees, they’ll have to keep their balance and continue to stay standing. They’ll likely giggle and have a good time as they all struggle to stay upright.