Whatever a guy sows, that shall he enjoy. The law of karma is inexorable and impossible of evasion. There’s thus barely any need for God to meddle. He laid down the law and, as it were, retired.

(Gandhi, 2012)

Karma yoga is the yoga of action. Karma yoga asks specialists to look thoroughly at all actions. According to Gandhi, it’s hard to act properly until the mind, body and spirit are purified. The mind, body and spirit are the only instruments we can make use of for action for that reason it’s our duty to ensure they’re working as well as possible. An artist who makes use of dull and split paints is less likely to create a masterpiece. In order for our actions to be sound, we need to sharpen our mind, body and spirit. Therefore it’s essential that professionals look for filtration before action.

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To individualize this practice of purity, it can be useful to contemplate what purity means to you. How do you define a pure mind? A pure body? A pure soul? Everybody has various values. Gandhi (2012) provides the following characteristics of a pure individual:

  • Without jealousy
  • Shows mercy and forgiveness
  • Without ego and selfless
  • Isn’t encouraged by greed or avoidance,
  • Remains contented
  • Makes firm resolutions
  • Dedicated to “God” (which Gandhi specified as Reality)
  • Without fear
  • Treats all people with respect
  • Enjoys silence and solitude
  • Practices self-control.

Personally, I find that while I’m none of these things, my level of pollutant isn’t equal for all these statements. As an example, I generally do delight in silence and seclusion but I hardly ever make firm resolutions. In my case, I do not have to work on enjoying silence and seclusion however I do have to seriously develop self-control and firm resolutions. In your own meditation, you could develop different qualities of a pure person. Maybe you accomplish greater difference in some areas than in others. By focusing on the locations where you’ve some trouble, you might enjoy significant benefits.

We can not transform ourselves or our world with our current mind. Among the greatest obstacles to altering our minds is our egocentric attachment to ego. One practice that’ll certainly minimize our ego is purity. By admitting that we’ve work to do, we exercise humbleness and acknowledge our pollutant. Examining ourselves objectively can result in acceptance not only of our flaw however the blemish of others.

The mind is the instrument that’s to be tuned if we’re to increase our awareness. An untrained mind goes on wild and unforeseeable idea trains, concentrates on self, and produces anguish. By training the mind we can develop self-control, we can get rid of fear and find contentment.

Training the mind starts with reflection. Sit quietly and concentrate on one subject. Just try to see when the mind wanders and bring the mind back to the subject of concentration. Simply making the effort to direct thought is a rewarding undertaking. Eventually professionals of meditation can direct thought to greater and higher airplanes. One favorable place to direct the mind is to purity.