Kaivalyadhama & Yoga Postures

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Kaivalyadhama started in 1924 in a bungalow by Swami Kuvalayananda. Kuvalayananda was a pupil of Paramahamsa Madhavadas Maharaj, one of the first yoga instructors. The poses exercised in Kaivalyadhama are from the Ashtanga yoga exercise viewpoint, however also integrate techniques of natural health.

The Center

The Kaivalyadhama center is located in a city called Lonavla, in the state of Maharastra, in the western part of India. Located on 80 acres of land, the center has 4 main structures, consisting of a yoga exercise hospital and a proving ground. Kaivalyadhama means ‘the residence for the yogi who’s actually reached the utmost action.’ The center likewise conducts yoga exercise teacher training courses and workshops.

The Founder

Kuvalayananda opened the center to share the teachings of his instructor. He was also a poet and a scholar of the Indian language Sanskrit. Kuvalayananda had most pupils begin in Lotus position due to the fact that it he thought it was the best position from which to breath. Kuvalayananda died in 1966.

Yoga Research

Kuvalayananda was a clinical thinker. He wanted to prove things before he thought them. This was the case for him even with yoga. So at the Kaivalyadhama center, Kuvalayananda began a research center to prove the health benefits of yoga. The research center at Kaivalyadhama has actually been performing research for others than 75 years, releasing researches in India’s magazine ‘Yoga exercise Mimamsa.’

Yoga Therapy Postures

At the Kaivalyadhama center, conditions are treated with ‘Yoga Therapy,’ a technique made use of to keep the body healthy by developing an effective resistance system and producing balance in the body. It includes the 40 positions included in the Ashtanga yoga exercise collection, breathing workouts and mind-calming exercise. In time, with routine practice, yoga exercise therapy can bring greater awareness to your body, helping you accomplish ideal health.