Just breath. How often do many people take note of this function that happens each and every second of our lives? There’s nothing even more fundamental and commonly undetected in life then the act of breathing.

Yoga breath

In any Yoga course the concentrate on the breath is essential. You’re reminded, you’re instructed, to breathe. Inhale fully with the nose, filling up your lungs and exhale fully, pushing the air out of your lungs. While going through your various postures (asanas) you’re instructed when to inhale and when to launch the breath and doing so properly will make a distinction in how you perform physically. In Yoga there are lots of strategies for breathing (pranayama), but even the most basic form of concentrate on the breath can offer major benefits.

Observing your breathing puts you in the right here and now and tunes you into the current minute. When you’re focused on your breathing you’re in the present. A minimum of for a time, the idea isn’t on exactly what may be happening tomorrow, next week, next year or some memory of the past, but the very moment that you’re experiencing. When we pay attention to the act of breathing, our body reacts. If you’re in a seated or standing position and take a deep breath in, your shoulders return somewhat as your diaphragm moves downward and your chest broadens. As your spine straightens, you feel erect and your posture is immediately enhanced. When you take these deep thoughtful breaths in and out, a relaxed and calm state can settle in.

I am particular that you’ve actually heard or maybe have had the celebration to state to someone while in a crucial situation, ‘just cool down, breathe’ or ‘unwind, take a deep breath,’ ‘draw yourself together, breath.’ How valuable might it be if we were to remind ourselves and others to do just that, but not only when in the midst of a crisis but as a way to integrate this strategy into any moment, a mini respite to feel a sense of peace?

During Yoga, reflection or prayer as you focus on the breath you focus and take advantage of a natural life rhythm. Often you feel the tension escape. It’s hard to have your thought and feelings racing furiously through your mind when you’re genuinely taken part in deep focused breathing. As you change the pace you can feel the stresses release.

One advantage that lots of extol of yoga courses or their own specific practice is the sense of serenity that it supplies. I’d remind us all that this part of the practice can be included into your daily life, away from the mat. Even those who’ve yet to participate in any type of Yoga can still derive the benefits that this can bring. At any point you change your focus from the external and what’s going on ‘out there’ to the internal and tune into the act of breathing. Doing this can frequently help to supply you with the ability to much better manage whatever your existing scenario is with a sense of peace and quality.

You can take a few minutes and focus as you take a complete breath, while in traffic, in a conference, on a plane, while trying to soothe a complaining infant, and even if you discover yourself hurrying when trying to get to your next Yoga class. This basic method is readily available to you anytime and any place. Take advantage and know that peace and peace is always simply a breath away.