Is Jared Leto putting on zebra yoga trousers in this picture he posted on Instagram yesterday? We want to think so. The Oscar-winning star and everybody’s forever-young Jordan Catalano partner is a self-professed yoga fan and a long time vegan. He credits his healthy lifestyle for his youthful looks and vigor.

‘I am quite healthy so I think that helps a lot. I have been that way for a long time – 20 solid years of consuming vegetarian/vegan and caring for myself. That probably helps the preservation procedure,’ Leto mentioned to GQ.

For a vegan rock star, a star raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and understanding for the transgendered neighborhood, Jared Leto is among those individuals you ‘d just like to anticipate practices yoga. And we can all pat our impulses on the back, because he does. Right here he’s on his pink yoga mat with fellow bandmates, yogi friends, and a (vegan?) pelt for a hat:


We couldn’t be big on 30 Seconds to Mars music, however we are extremely big fans of the whole band getting their yoga on. ‘MARS Yoga Club’ was the caption for this pic posted on Jared’s web site and Instagram in 2012.

As for zebra yoga pants, there’s no verification on that, however we’ve actually seen exactly what he wears to Coachella, and he ‘d fit in simply fine with these fine chaps.



final image credit: Terry Richardson