It’s been recommended that our multicultural city house is ending up being ‘more spiritual’. This proposition comes, not only filled with different levels of definition, but likewise with an endless selection of questions. How can we know if this statement holds any truth at all? What’s indicated by ‘spiritual’? What’s it that’s occurred recently to spark this discussion?


To start, we can not state with certainty whether the idea holds any accuracy about the people that make up the city of Toronto. The problem of spirituality is so subjective, that the most we can do is observe the trends we see and derive some thought-provoking possibilities from them.

For the purposes of this article, spiritual describes people searching for a connection to something deeper, something beyond the worldly presence we understand. It doesn’t refer to any specific deity or practice, only the mission for some intangible intelligence that’s all encompassing, providing significance to and penetrating all life forms.

Now that we have defined our desired meaning with the use of the word ‘spiritual’, as well as the truth that we can not pertain to any generalized conclusions, however just interesting prospects, we can move our focus on the last inquiry. Exactly what’s been taking place in our city lately to raise this question?

In the last couple of years there’s actually been an explosion of interest in yoga, alternative recovery modalities, meditation, and old spiritual practices such as Kirtan *, followed by a growing variety of companies providing these services. Initially glance, as soon as may state these observations plainly mirror that a significant section of Toronto is moving towards spirituality. I would, however, be inclined to disagree, as my own experience teaching yoga and practicing holistic healing has actually recommended otherwise.

Yes individuals have an interest in yoga … for its physical health advantages, yes they’ve an interest in holistic health … for the relaxation, yes they wish to discover to meditate … to be able to discover some peace in the whirlwind of life. While there are a choose couple of students and customers who concern yoga, holistic medication and meditation with the desire to connect with themselves on a much deeper, so-called spiritual level, the bulk seem to continue to be at a more shallow stage. It’s equivalent to the numerous dining establishments with supposedly ‘cultural’ food, which is in truth a North Americanized version of the conventional ethnic fare. As a whole, we aren’t so much diving into the world of old spirituality, as digesting the westernized version of spiritual fast food … practices adapted to our busy way of livings and values.

That stated, I’m not at all promoting one course over the other. For those wanting to just forage the surface area of these extensive practices, there are definitely numerous advantages to be had. For those looking for a deeper level of understanding and connection, the opportunity is likewise offered. In either case, these locations that remain to gain appeal have the ability to reach people to whatever degree of intensity they wish. I think it safe to state that they’re really important in opening us approximately a world of better health and generally well being, bu, to state that participating in any or all these mirrors a more spiritual Toronto?

The statement might be a bit too bold,)

* Kirtan is an ancient Indian practice involving call-response mantras (sentences suggesting love and peace, sung in Sanskrit) and traditional musical instruments. It’s a form of musical reflection.