Is the Barkan Method a Style of Hatha Yoga for Weight Loss?

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Hatha yoga is a generic umbrella term that refers to any kind of physical practice of yoga exercise. Jimmy Barkan has trademarked his style of yoga practiced in a heated space. The heat is supposed to enable individuals to move into yoga poses more safely. The heat likewise enhances sweating, which is a form of detoxification. Individuals can slim down with a consistent practice of Barkan yoga along with various other forms, consisting of ashtanga, Bikram and Iyengar yoga.


The Barkan technique of yoga was produced by American Jimmy Barkan. A New York College graduate, he became licensed in yoga with Ghosh’s University of India in Calcutta in 1981. He later studied with Bikram Choudhury, creator of Bikram yoga, which is likewise done in a heated space. Both types are understood for producing extreme heat that can cause weight loss.


Barkan says his technique was incorporated in 2002. He says the Barkan method is different from Bikram yoga exercise in that while he consists of poses from Bikram’s set series of 26 poses, or asanas, he adds other postures. Barkan says his sequence of positions ‘reach deep into the cells, (to) ease tension and anxiety, revitalize and assist in overcoming numerous physical and psychological troubles, such as sciatica, back and neck problems, and depression.’


The Barkan method has also been called hot yoga exercise, and while it’s distinct in its type and series, each pose is a yoga exercise asana discovered in all forms of hatha yoga. Individuals commonly wear swimsuit or swimming trunks, stand on bath towels put on their yoga mats and have bottles of water to consume while they exercise the Barkan technique of yoga. Doing any kind of strenuous yoga that produces heavy perspiration is likely to lead to weight management. Detoxification enhances elimination. When you’ve developed regular bowel practices, fat burning is more likely.


Every yoga posture has the prospective to wring out the internal organs, thus enhancing your capability to even more quickly absorb meals and procedure fats. Baxter Bell, M.D., states in ‘Yoga Journal’ that any vinyasa-style yoga exercise has the potential to lead to weight loss. Specifically, in a difficult balance posture such as one-legged pigeon, you bring increased blood flow to the colon, tummy, pancreas, spleen, the liver and kidneys. A more reliable liver and kidneys can process more contaminants. The pancreas is accountable for producing the hormone insulin, while the spleen aids in fats digestion. Keeping your blood sugar level at typical levels and allowing your body to crash dietary fats more easily will add to a sense of satiation and weight management.