Is Prenatal Yoga Safe?

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When you’ve an infant on the way, the last thing you might feel like doing is turning your bloated body into a collection of uncomfortable yoga positions. But gentle prenatal yoga exercise is made to increase versatility and aid prepare your body for pregnancy. Talk with your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen, particularly if you’ve any injuries or wellness problems.


When you are pregnant, the additional weight may put anxiety on your back, knees and joints. Prenatal yoga will assist unwind your joints and muscles, minimizing pains and pains. Yoga positions can delicately extend the legs and hips, which will prepare your body for labor. While practicing yoga, you must breathe deeply and equally. Exercising deep, even breaths will help reduce tension while you are pregnant, but it can also help you remain calm while you are delivering the baby.


Try any gentle, upright prenatal yoga position that unwinds you. Don’t attempt yoga exercise postures that aren’t approved for pregnant women. Alternate in between the cat and cow positions to unwind your back and boost versatility of the spinal column. Come down on all fours with your back straight. Place your arms at about shoulder-width with your knees at hip-width. This is cat position. Breathe in, curving your back and tucking in your tailbone. Breathe out, correcting your back and letting your tummy hang down. This is cow position. Alternate in between the 2 poses slowly.

Positions to Avoid

Not all yoga exercise positions are safe for maternity. Don’t attempt postures that include inversion, like standing on your head or raising your legs over your shoulders if you have never done yoga exercise before. You risk injury when you attempt inverted positions for the first time. If you’ve done yoga in the past and are comfortable with inverted positions, do them just in the first and 2nd trimesters. Don’t do yoga positions that twist or engage the abdominal muscles in a severe means. When the uterus broadens during pregnancy, various other connective cells in the body likewise becomes looser. If you use your stomach muscles too much, you run the risk of stress or injury.


Even if the positions you’re trying are authorized by a physician and a yoga expert, listen to your body. If you feel any abrupt discomfort or tearing, stop immediately and see a doctor. Begin with gentle yoga positions as soon as or two times a week and slowly work your way approximately doing yoga every day for about 30 minutes. Drink plenty of water while exercising prenatal yoga exercise to prevent dehydration. If you’ve any tightenings or vaginal blood loss, see your doctor instantly.