Is Bikram Yoga Bad for Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma is the result of intraocular pressure or abnormally high stress within the eye. The pressure can trigger damage to the optical nerve and bring about vision loss. Throughout a Bikram Yoga exercise session, glaucoma patients ought to avoid or work out caution while doing inverted positions, which can further enhance eye stress, therefore intensifying the condition.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga was established by Yoga Guru Bikram Choudhury. He created a collection of 26 yoga postures to be exercised in a particular series to work every location of the body throughout a yoga exercise session. Pupils practice the series in a heated studio with temperature levels at 104 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum performance. He thought that heated spaces would make the body sweat more, thus eliminating toxins and waste products with the skin, while also keeping the body cozy and pliable for the poses.

Yoga Poses to Avoid

As with any other style of yoga exercise, the most vital poses to avoid for somebody with glaucoma, are inversions. According to glaucoma expert Dr. Rick Wilson, poses with the ‘head down and body up’ need to be avoided for prolonged periods of time. Inversions elevate blood pressure and source included pressure to develop inside the eyes, therefore aggravating glaucoma. Three of the 26 positions of Bikram Yoga exercise must be prevented or exercised with caution: dandayamana-bibhaktapada-paschimotthanasana, dandayamana-bibhaktapada-janushirasana and sasangasana.

Beneficial Yoga Poses

Yoga poses that aid in leisure and lowering blood pressure would be useful for glaucoma patients. The savasana and ardha-kurmasana are 2 Bikram postures that relax the body. Poses such as pavanamuktasana, ardha-matsyendrasana, janushirasana and paschimotthanasana can assist to lower blood pressure.

Consult with Doctor

Always talk to a physician before trying any new exercise program. Request for a referral to a respectable yoga exercise instructor with experience advising those with glaucoma. A good teacher will offer options and modifications throughout a yoga exercise session.