yoga-retreats-kenya1This yoga holiday combines yoga with  meditation, movement, space, safari, wild animals, warm seas, starlight, sunlight and crackling fires.

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Taking place in 2 locations. A remote equatorial wilderness where we trek with camels, walk with Masai warriors, mediatate on rocks, float in rivers, sleep under stars, camp with wild-life and eat delicious organic food round crackling log fires. And, a beautiful coastal villa where we footprint white beaches, swim blue oceans, chill under rustling palms, snorkle with jewel-like fishes, enthrall in ancient ruins, float through magical mangroves and imbibe the local Swahili culture. Checkie Wood teaches the Inner Safari yoga routines twice a day, mediating at sunset, workshoping in the mornings, exploring in the afternoons.

Where is it?

Kenya, Africa


From $293 / night