“Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude.”

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Assume your most comfy Savasana position making all essential adjustments to be comfy and to remain still, mindfully advising the body from the top of the head to the ideas of the toes to release and to give in. Purposely take out the focus on the gorgeous rhythm of the breath, permitting the “vrtti”, (thought adjustments), of the mind to be soothed by each inhalation and every exhalation.

Become aware of the physical body and note any locations of stress or pain enabling the in-breath to recover those points in the body and feeling the release of such pain through the out-breath. Exist with the healing energy of the breathing and the releasing nature of the exhalation as you observe, without judgement, any negative mental and / or emotions and give yourself authorization to remove these unhealthy feelings with the sacred Prana, (force), of the breath.

Sensing the calmness washing over every single part of the body and filling every existing cell within the body, mentally become mindful of a bright and pure white light that borders your body and accepts your being with warmth, with comfort and with Love. Giving in to the presence of this Divine energy and being entirely present to this state of Grace, become mindful of bountiful Love you get each time you inhale and feel complete gratitude for this gift with every exhale.

Be present, Believe, Breathe.

Gently become conscious of the far-off noises of your surroundings, move this focus to the sounds within the space around you and bring your attention to the sound of your very own breath. Become mindful of the body resting on the ground and gradually ease your body out of Savasana. Take three deep breathings to revitalize and re-awaken the mind with simplicity, exhaling on the natural instruction of the breath. Roll over to the right-hand man side of the body and concern sit in any comfy asana. Be still for a couple of moments.

Remember to acknowledge that it’s your right to enjoy and to be liked. This is without a doubt a priceless gift!
With Prem, (Love),