Indoor Cycling & Yoga Training Certification

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Indoor cycling classes force you to concentrate on your breath as you pedal much faster and faster. You’ve to turn up the resistance to quicken your heart beat and leave with a stimulating cardio workout. When you follow it up by extending into yoga postures, called asanas, you also focus on your breath as you lengthen warmed-up muscles and increase versatility. Educators trained in both can make these seemingly opposite workouts work for you.


Those who teach this style are commonly more athletic yogis who wish to add cardio task to their asana practice. This blend class normally combines 30 to 45 mins of biking followed by 30 to 45 mins of asana. Where biking works up a full sweat prior to you eliminate your sneakers and socks to get on your yoga exercise mat, the asanas decrease your heartbeat as you discover your balance. Class ends with savasana, the final resting pose.

Teaching Class

During the biking part of course, the instructor guides students on an aesthetic ‘journey’ of fast-pedaling sprints and steep uphill climbs, attained by turning up the resistance on the front wheel. Understanding of yoga positioning principles enhances form and helps launch muscle tension. Some excellent post-cycling asanas consist of Sun Salutations, Chair Pose, Warrior I, Triangular and Cow Face Pose, which extend hips, hamstrings, chest and shoulders.


You’ll find fusion indoor cycling and yoga exercise courses all throughout the nation under various trademarks. To become an instructor, candidates are urged to have a solid background and regular practice indoor biking and yoga exercise. While some teachers blend their specific certifications, trainings dedicated specifically to a biking and yoga fusion do exist, though they’re rare.


Former triathlete Kimberly Fowler began a hybrid teacher-training program in 2001 at her Venice, California-based studio YAS.’ This 50-hour program blends viewpoint, bio-mechanics, the art of training, analysis of yoga exercise poses and cycling positions, taking care of injury and how to choose songs. Dawnelle Arthur at Period Mind and Body Fitness in Denver developed a 40-hour training program for licensed yoga instructors that included biking. Covered topics include bike positions, cycling anatomy, finding your voice and musicality.


Music is an important element in a cycling and yoga exercise class. The YAS instructor training consists of a songs selection workshop to help students discover ways to set the state of mind and tempo for the course. Fowler, a former drummer, highlights the beat for the cycling area of course and more gentle emotional music for the yoga exercise part.