Your office or work station should be an inspiring area where creativity and efficiency is boosted so you can shine in the conference room in front of your employer and co-workers.

First let us start with a fast quiz to see if your office requires a little Feng Shui love.

  1. Do you’ve problem concentrating at work ??
  2. Do you sit with your back to the door of the workplace?
  3. Is your workplace lit with mostly fluorescent lights?
  4. Are you in an open-concept area (cubicle) with 20 or more people?
  5. Is your workplace door straight across the hall from another person’s workplace door?
  6. Is the color scheme of your workplace white, gray or light beige?
  7. Are your files all the very same color?
  8. Do you sit near the copy machine?
  9. Does your desk sit in between a window and the door?
  10. Does the art (or lack of art) in your office leave you uninspired?


If you answered yes to more than 3 of the concerns above then a little Feng Shui in your office will go a long method. Below are a couple of changes and evaluations that you can do on your own to enhance the chi and increase favorable energy in your workplace. The suggestions and strategies below are wonderful total cures that can be put on any work space.

Before you get started adding or implementing any Feng Shui remedies you need to do a thorough:

Clean and de-clutter of the office

This includes both on the desk and in the filing cabinet. Feng Shui eyes see all clutter. Mess and extraneous things blocks the flow of chi and can cause low or stagnant energy. Clear off your desk leading leaving simply the essentials, do an audit of your files, recycle and shred any old and outdated papers and eliminate any ridiculous and unimportant knick-knacks.

Review your desk position

Your most effective position is dealing with the door with your back versus a solid wall. The solid wall will certainly support you like a symbolic mountain ensuring that chi doesn’t drain and away however rather can circulate around you. Likewise facing the door, which is the entrance of chi, is replicating and empowering. Things to prevent: back to the door, back to a corner, desk under a window and desk in between a window and door. If moving your desk isn’t an alternative utilize a little mirror and location it so when you’re working you can see the entrance to your office when your back is turned.

Balance the elements

Often offices are repainted in pale and washed out colors with rough fluorescent lighting. This creates a very yang or over-simulating environment heavy in metal and fire aspects. Bring your area into balance by including missing elements. By bringing in darker and softer versions of earth, wood and water the space will end up being less frenetic. Try adding these aspects with color: deeper browns and ochre for earth and rich environment-friendlies for wood, or water with the color black.

Block those EMFs

The results of low frequency electro-magnetic fields are commonly debated. Some believe long-lasting direct exposure is dangerous which in today’s workplace workers undergo levels far higher than average. These fields called electromagnetic smog can disrupt energy patterns in living things. A simple and lovely method to clear these fields is by displaying or using particular crystals like Turquoise, Amazonite, Fluorite and Smoky Quartz they work as barriers and can take in harmful EMFs.

Organize your files

A fun method to organize your files is by utilizing the efficient element cycle: Fire (red), Earth (yellow), Metal (white), Water (black) and Wood (green). Using these colors you can arrange your files according to the aspects. As an example for high-priority projects use fire (red) and for all files that support that task use Wood (green) files. Wood feeds fire.

Increase positive energy

Try the following quick repairs. Use plants and flowers to bring a little nature to the office – the source of chi. Include some favorable photos of you in inspiring settings – like on a mountain or by a lake. When picking items and art work to place on display make certain they’ve actually a significance tied to success and wealth i.e. awards.

Be inspired

By adding these inspiring awards or favorable objects you’re showing your strength and success in the workplace. Another great way to get influenced is to produce a vision board for work. In a good frame display photos of locations, things and words that you connect with success and success. Position it in an area where you can see it when you’re working away on those less than exciting jobs so it can keep you inspired and on-task.

The ideas and strategies over are enjoyable, simple and favorable methods to bring a little Feng Shui into your workplace. Make the place you spend the majority of your waking hours a favorable and nourishing environment.

Namaste and blessings.

Laura Morris is a qualified Feng Shui specialist Follow Morris Feng Shui on twitter and facebook.