In What Yoga Position Do You Stand, Place a Hand on the Floor & Stretch Your Arms?

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Yoga is an ancient discipline made to bring consistency to the mind, body and spirit. The practice of asanas, or postures, is the physical fitness section of yoga. A few positions are performed by putting a hand on the floor, while extending the arms. These are utilized to stretch the arms and legs and improve balance. Consult your medical doctor prior to trying yoga or other physical fitness programs.

Half Moon Pose

Ardha Chandransana, also referred to as half moon position, is a challenging balancing pose that stretches the arms, legs and enhances balance. Begin in mountain posture, or standing present. Extend the right hand out while lifting the left leg off the ground. The right-hand man is then put on the ground with the left hand extended up toward the ceiling. Rotate the head around to the left with the eyes focused upward. Hold this pose for a number of breaths, and repeat on the contrary side. Half moon pose is designed particularly to reinforce the muscles of the torso, thighs and calf bones, while improving versatility in the spine and shoulders.

Extended Side Angle Pose

Utthita Parsvakonasana, or extended side angle posture, is a variation of the typical lunge. To start, step the right leg forward and the left leg back. Bend the right front knee and lunge forward, making certain the knee doesn’t cross the toes. Put the right-hand man on the floor simply to the left of the right foot, then, rise toward the ceiling with the left hand. Look up. Hold this position for a number of breaths, then repeat on the opposite side. Extended side angle posture stretches the arms, inner thigh and shoulders while enhancing strength in the legs.

Revolved Triangle Pose

Parivrtta Trikonasana, also known as revolved triangle pose, is another challenging balancing posture. As with prolonged side angle present it begins in a broad position. Action the right foot forward and the left foot back, but don’t bend the knee. Reach the left arm to the floor, putting the hand on the outside of the right foot. Next, extend the right arm up toward the ceiling and turn around looking up toward the right hand. Hold for several breaths and repeat on the left side. This asana is made use of to stretch the arms and legs, while enhancing spinal rotation and breathing capacity.

Side Plank Pose

Vasisthasana, or side plank present, is mostly a balancing posture with the added advantage of reinforcing and stretching the arms, legs and upper body. Started by lying on your right side on the mat. Place the right-hand man on the floor under the body and extend the left arm up towards the ceiling. Keep the legs together while raising the body off the floor. Hold this pose for a number of breaths prior to duplicating on the left side. Side plank posture is utilized therapeutically to strengthen the upper body, particularly the back location, while improving balance and strength in the arms and shoulders.