Important Yoga Postures

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Yoga is a practice of combining stretches and different exercises with breath work, mind-calming exercise, focus and discipline. It unites the body and the mind, according to the American Yoga Association. While there are hundreds of various yoga postures that are normally combined into a streaming collection called vinyasa, there are several vital poses and categories of poses that are normally made use of in a lot of yoga practices.

Sun Salutation

The sun salutations, also known as Surya Namaskar, are among the foundations of numerous yoga practices. According to yoga teacher Sarah Powers, the sun salutation can even be a complete practice in itself. The sun salutation consists of a series of poses connected together in a flow. Some of the more typical positions in a sun salutation consist of mountain posture, or tadasana, the standing forward bend, or uttanasana, the downward-facing canine, or adho mukha svanasana and plank posture.


Backbending postures are important in yoga since they assist to enhance spine adaptability and strength. Backbends can be done by themselves or as component of a vinyasa flow regimen. A few of the more typical backbending poses consist of bow position, or dhanurasana, the locust pose, or salabhasana, bridge posture, or setu bandhasana, and cobra position, or bhujangasana. You mustn’t practice backbends if you’ve pain in the back or a back injury.

Forward Bends

Forward bends assistance to open up the back component of your body, stretch your hamstrings, increase hip mobility, improve food digestion and can even help to decrease anxiety, fatigue and mild kinds of depression, according to Yoga Diary. Common kinds of forward flexes consist of the standing and seated forward bend, the wide-legged forward bend, the standing half-forward flex and the wide-angle seated forward bend. If your hamstrings are stiff, you must constantly bend your knees slightly when carrying out standing forward bends until your adaptability enhances.


Savasana, also referred to as the corpse position, is a corrective position typically carried out at the end of a yoga practice. It’s a posture of total relaxation, which can in fact make it a tough position to perform. Savasana helps to quiet your mind and body and could assist to reduce tension and light kinds of depression. If you experience back troubles, you may discover it helpful to practice this posture with a boost or pillow under your knees to ease strain on your lesser back.