How to Use a Yoga Mat

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While most types of yoga can be practiced on bare floors, yoga mats offer you remarkable traction, so you can focus on your pose and stress less about slipping, while easing spinal tension for much better pose. Yoga mats are made from a somewhat tacky PVC or vinyl, but you can find mats in products like natural cotton and rubber too. When you buy your first yoga mat, utilizing it appropriately in class and caring for your mat will enable you to get the most use out of your investment.

Step 1

Test a variety of materials prior to you purchase your first mat. Go to a fitness-supply store and you ought to be able to see, touch and even attempt a few positions on the different mat models before you make a purchase. The mat that you like the very best could be different from the one that your best buddy uses, so make sure that you are comfortable making use of a mat before you purchase it.

Step 2

Keep your mat in a mat bag when not in use. Some mats will come with a bag, however for others, you’ll should buy a bag independently. A mat bag keeps your mat clean and dry throughout transportation and when it isn’t in use. Because your yoga mat need to be dedicated for workout only, you can leave it in its bag to avoid kids playing with your mat, animals tearing at the mat or other accidents that could wreck its surface.

Step 3

Cover your mat with a towel when you are participating in certain types of extreme yoga, suching as ashtanga and Bikram yoga. The former needs a quick succession of motions and the latter is performed in a hot studio. Both can trigger profuse sweating, which can make your mat surface slippery and dirty. A towel will soak up the sweat so that you are able to keep a great grip on your mat.

Step 4

Imagine your energy moving into the mat and distributing back into your body as you exercise. One of the advantages of making use of a yoga mat is that your energy stays in your individual area, instead of dissipating with the floor, keeps in mind the Yoga Wiz website. The school of idea is that the mat enables your space to remain warm for much better energy flow, while you exercise your asanas. Consider your yoga mat as a device for much better yoga rather of a regular workout mat.

Step 5

Allow your yoga mat to support your back by keeping optimal posture while practicing. The mat can help enhance balance and support your back so that your yoga is more useful to your back, balance, flexibility and position.

Step 6

Wash your mat on a regular basis. Sweat, the fitness center floor and transit can all make your mat grimy, which can have an effect on the mat surface. Clean your may by filling a spray bottle with 2 cups of water combineded with 4 drops of dishwasher fluid. Spray the cleaning mixture over the mat and rub it with a sponge to remove noticeably stained areas. Rinse with cool water, pat with a towel and then hang the mat to air dry. Once the mat is dry, roll it and save it in a mat bag.