How to Tell if It Is Time to Replace Your Yoga Mat

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If you’re a dedicated yogi, you’ve most likely put in numerous hours of Sun Salutations and various asanas on your yoga exercise mat. But no matter how sturdy you feel throughout yoga, your mat itself is far from indestructible. In order to continue exercising securely and easily, there are several signs of wear and tear that suggest it’s time to replace your beloved yoga mat.

Signs That a Yoga exercise Mat Must be Retired

Step 1

Smell your yoga mat for offensive odors. Considering that this is not constantly apparent when your mat is rolled up, it’s most ideal done after an excellent session of yoga practice.

Step 2

Inspect your yoga mat for small openings and thinned areas. If you see these indications, that suggests the cushion of your mat has actually been worn down and you aren’t getting maximum stability and convenience.

Step 3

Check to see if your yoga exercise mat sheds after your practice. If you notice pieces of your mat on the flooring, it’s an indication that your mat is thinning and not providing the correct cushion throughout postures.

Tips and Warnings

  • Yoga specialists count on cleanliness, along with keeping their area tranquil and comfy. When selecting a brand-new yoga mat, check to see if it’s environmentally friendly (this will likewise guarantee long-time use.) Feel the texture and density of the mat to see if it matches your needs for comfort and safety. Also, remember to wipe down your mat prior to you roll it up for storage. This will also keep it in excellent condition. If it’s time to replace your mat, don’t throw it out. Rather, be green and reuse by using it for kitchen area rack liners, a food mat for animals, kneeling pad, or products for craft time. You can also contribute your yoga mat to a homeless shelter to be used as a sleeping pad.

Things You’ll Need

  • Yoga mat