Use a partner to catch your legs and perform handstand shrugs to enhance your pop.

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A handstand pop is a fast bounce off the hands while doing a fundamental handstand. Instantly after a gymnast’s hands touch the ground to execute a handstand, she obstructs off the floor to produce a small pop prior to reaching her vertical handstand position. Watching a gymnast perform a quality handstand pop could look effortless. However, finding out to pop on a handstand needs considerable strength, timing and balance. This ability often functions as a foundation for more tough gymnastic skills, such as the front handspring and aerial.


A handstand is a prerequisite for popping throughout a handstand, along with an essential skill in gymnastics. Getting a great, solid handstand will help in achieving a handstand pop. You ought to have the ability to kick up into a vertical position while stabilizing on your hands. Your legs are straight and together in a quality handstand. Holding this position for a minimum of a couple seconds insures that you’re capable of balancing your body weight on your hands. For optimum balancing method, your head should line up with your body and not stick out outward.

Performing a Handstand Pop

A handstand pop involves the exact same beginning and finishing type as a common handstand. Begin with your leg of selection pointed in front of your body with your turn over your head. Reach out to the ground and kick your legs up. As soon as your hands touch the ground, block with your shoulders to a little raise your body off the ground prior to reaching the vertical handstand position. This block assists in pushing your hands away from the floor to create a small pop. Your elbows don’t bend and your arms remain straight. After the momentary pop, continue your momentum and finish the skill in a vertical handstand position. Your head remains straightened with your body and your legs are together.


Obtaining sufficient core, shoulder and chest strength is vital to completing a handstand pop. Finishing successive standard pushups can assist strengthen all 3 of these locations. For advanced strength training of the shoulders and chest, you can perform handstand pushups with an identifying partner. Walking handstands may likewise assist reinforce your shoulders and develop your balance. Crunches and isometric abdominal working outs can assist develop your core strength had to maintain a tight and regulated body during a handstand pop.


Performing drills is an outstanding way to enhance your muscles and improve your balance for popping off the floor. Performing shoulder blocks off a padded wall, completing successive handstand shrugs dealing with a wall and performing handstand pops on a trampoline or tumbling track are practical drills to assist you learn how you can pop on a handstand. Additionally, your gymnastics instructor may be able to spot you throughout a handstand pop by catching your legs and raising your body weight to demonstrate proper timing and balance of the ability.