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Plank is an exercise position that’s commonly made use of as a yoga and Pilates present. This pose needs you to support your body with your lower arms and feet, so your body is parallel to the ground and the core is supported. In order for this pose to be efficient, you’ve to hold it for even more than 20 seconds while your tummy is tucked in and your back is directly. Due to the difficulty of this pose, it’s frequently done improperly.

Step 1

Place a workout mat or yoga mat on the floor.

Step 2

Lower your body to the mat so you’re facing downward and your hands and forearms are surrounding to your head.

Step 3

Mount on your lower arms and elbows so they’re supporting your upper body.

Step 4

Mount on your toes, with the feet together.

Step 5

Ensure that your back is directly, your tummy is drawn inward and your body is parallel to the ground.

Step 6

Hold the position for 20 seconds, feeling the tightenings throughout your core.