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Dashama Konah Gordon is the creator of Pranashama style yoga, which integrates elements of more active yoga forms like ashtanga and power yoga with martial arts and dance. Dashama, who mostly passes her first name, was an individual trainer prior to beginning yoga teacher training in 2005. Now she’s a book and videos out, and has founded the 30 Day Yoga Difficulty. Her weight-loss and wellness program is based upon great deals of energetic yoga and a primarily raw vegetarian diet.

Losing Weight with Dashama

Step 1

Decide whether you are visiting buy the 30-Day Yoga Challenge materials or make do with the cost-free materials available online. Since early 2011, the official kit sells for $60. A scaled back variation of the strategy can be reconstructed with complimentary online videos and recipes.

Step 2

Practice Pranashama yoga every day. If you purchase the kit, you can practice in addition to the Transform Your Life with Yoga DVD, plus a brief 10-minute lesson which will be emailed to you daily. If you are on the complimentary strategy, practice in addition to Dashama’s online videos. They are much shorter, but complimentary.

Step 3

Record your diet. The 30-Day Yoga Challenge products include an everyday health diary. Otherwise, compose everything down in a notebook. This raises your awareness of what you are consuming and makes you responsible to yourself.

Step 4

Change your diet. The first week, quit eating processed and other unhealthy food. The second week, you’ll remove all meat. The third week, you’ll try for an 80 to 20 ratio raw to cooked meals proportion. The fourth week consists of an optional clean, where you take supplements to purify the body organs and decrease your parasite lots.