How to Keep Wrists From Hurting During Yoga

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The wrist joint is a challenging set of 13 bones that link your hands to your arms. Stretches, called presents, practiced in yoga are part of a holistic health method to living. When particular positions are done incorrectly or too often, your wrists joint may be at risk for injury. Try making use of props, variations and very close attention to alignment to reduce this threat. Seek advice from your physician before exercising yoga.

Step 1

Place an inclined yoga block under your palms in poses like downward or upward facing canine. Put your palms on the seat of a chair, propped up versus a wall, to further minimize the amount of weight put on your wrists.

Step 2

Place one yoga mat on top of another for added comfort and support for your wrists.

Step 3

Practice proper form in yoga presents that bear weight in the wrists. Avoid hyperextension of your elbow joint, since this puts more pressure on the wrists. Also spread your fingers wide and put an equal amount of weight on your palms.

Step 4

Practice variations of yoga poses if your wrists are injured. For example, lower onto your lower arms instead of your palms in downward dealing with canine posture or plank position.

Step 5

Stretch your wrists after every yoga class. Clasp your fingers together behind you with the palms dealing with each other and attempt to align your arms. Hold this position for several breaths and repeat as required.